This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Horrible Bird Photography And Here Are 20 Of Their Funniest Posts

Published 2 years ago

Bird photography is quite challenging but it’s also fun at the same time. If you get a stunning picture, that’s awesome. But if you fail to get that stunning shot, you might end up getting a funny one.

The Facebook group “Crap Bird Photography” Shares all sorts of weird and hilarious bird images that might put a smile on your face. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below, and if you want to see more such photos, check out our previous article here.

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#1 Back Before I Had Chickens Of My Own And I Didn’t Know How To Pick Them Up

Image source: Ashley Happ Garrison

#2 I’ve Never Managed To Get A Good Pic Of The Stunning Bright Green Parakeets In London – Until Today

Image source: Jez Kemp

#3 Thought I Got A Great Photo Of A White Ibis. Thinking, Now, It Might Just Be One Of Lady Gaga‘S Hats

Image source: Holly Stoepker

#4 Words Fail Me

Image source: Ellany Whelan

#5 Now Bank Left. The Other Left

Image source: Jamie Cannon

#6 One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Image source: Jose Doo

#7 This Is What Happens When You Try To Take A Nice Photo At The Beach

Image source: Jen Whaley

#8 I Was Told This Belongs Here. My Husband And Nugget

Image source: Molly Jean

#9 Bit Tricky, This Cr*p Birdie Photography… “Swan Lake”

Image source: Bob Schofield

#10 The Rarely Seen Fish Tailed Osprey!

Image source: Rebecca Fatzinger

#11 Have Been Trying To Land A Photo Of A Darwinian Finch – This One Was Having None Of It…

Image source: Peta Payne

#12 Someone Pulled The Plug

Image source: Bonny Martin

#13 Very Fast

Image source: Rachelle de Poorter

#14 And Now, In Local News; Empty Suet Feeder Sends Backyard Red-Bellied Woodpecker Into Full Blown, Feather Temper Tantrum, Literally “Flipping The Bird” At Homeowner, As She Casually Takes Photo Of The Event. Details On This Story Are A Little Blurry

Image source: Holly Stoepker

#15 A Camera-Shy Seagull

Image source: Iwen Chiu

#16 This Magpie Is The Mascot. It Has Pie In Its Mouth

Image source: Kristin Flett

#17 Excuse Me. Did You Say Something?

Image source: Kym James

#18 As An Avid Bird Photographer, I Know The Value Of Waiting For The Exact Moment And Angle Where A Bird Is Presented In All Of His Magnificent Glory. And So I Give You “Twisted Egret”

Image source: Nicole Wilde

#19 Taken Today

Image source: Jennifer Wilson-Pines

#20 In Case You’re Hankering To Peer Down A Goose’s Tonsils, Claude Is Here To Help

Image source: Kath Wilson

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