Doctor Finds Drawings On Patient’s Body, Starts Laughing So Hard, The Operation Got Postponed

Published 5 years ago

What comes to your mind when thinking about surgery? Probably busy nurses, beeping machines and the bright light above the operating table. How about uncontrollably laughing doctors? So uncontrollably, in fact, that the whole surgery has to be postponed for half an hour? Well, believe it or not, that’s what happened to one Reddit user on the day of his knee surgery.

Reddit user Dreble recently shared a hilarious story about the day he had knee surgery as a teen. The doctor gave him a sharpie to circle the correct knee – and that was his biggest mistake. Leaving a bored teenager with a sharpie is generally not the best idea. After circling the knee, Dreble got a little carried away, drawing all sorts of funny comments all over his body, even asking for his mom to write something on his back. Needless to say, when the doctor found all of the scribbles, he burst out laughing so hard, he probably couldn’t even hold the scalpel.

Check out the whole story in the gallery below!

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This guy’s hilarious sharpie prank led to his operation being delayed for half an hour

Image credits: Aine (not the actual photo)

People found Dreble’s story absolutely hilarious and shared their own experiences

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