30 Absolutely Savage ‘Boy Math’ Memes

Published 8 months ago

Girl math’ is all about women justifying their spending habits in an ironic and self-deprecatory manner – cos hey this generation is all about dark humour right? Unfortunately, some men took the joke of ‘girl math’ seriously and proceeded to make gender-based derogatory remarks about women lacking math skills. 

So in true classic ‘Art of War’ style, the girls brought their brains to the fight and proceeded to do battle with their newest weapon of ‘boy math’. Scroll to check out the most hilariously witty rejoinders from the femme fatale gang, which we’ve shared in the gallery below. 

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Image source: buggirl

Jared Robinson: The fact that some men believe this shows just how emotional they are.


Image source: AOC

TheAmericanAmerican: Well in the GOP’s defense, they are a party of men with the mental capacity of a 14 year old boy


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Red ReillyI got another! So this happened to me, my ex cheated but we stayed together, i know i know, we opened up our relationship. I was getting so much D and he got NONE!


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Follo00This is so real


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TheAmericanAmericanElon Musk! So smart! Big brain! Much intelligent!


Image source: Ilhan


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Natalie BohrtellerBoy math is to cry about how all women are gold diggers but at the same time hustling so hard to get the money that would attract those exact same women they’re crying about.


Image source: VeryBadLlama

LexekonI would much rather cook & do laundry. Oil changes and snow shoveling are no joke.

Amy S 23 hours ago (edited): Even though you’d have to cook 365 times per year but might only change the oil once in that time?

ConstantlyJon: I think its more the frequency of things. Snow shoveling is in one season, sometimes. Oil changes are every 5-7,000 miles. Cooking and laundry are every single day.


Image source: VickyPearl_J

Hex Gurlsi literately know people like this it’s insane :0


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MotherofGuineaPigs: agreed – ever tried to get a tubal ligation when you are still in your reproductive years. “No, you might change your mind and want kids”. Men still policing women’s bodies.


Image source: MDragon_12

René SauerNope. Honestly, ten years, tops. everything above that and it starts getting creepy.


Image source: Mambwe2004

LexekonFools keep score.


Image source: buggirl


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zububonsai…and socks. Yes, daily. Really.


Image source: ChristineeeeeeO


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Roxy Eastland: A million times this!! It doesn’t matter how decent a guy you are (and I am sure you are) if you don’t grasp the nettle and call your friend/work colleague/acquintance out for his ‘jokes’ then you are literally telling him that you agree with him and feeding the whole system. Just a simple “dude, that’s not cool, don’t be that guy” is all we ask of you.


Image source: angelinechxpman

️cleopatr1k ️ 21 hours ago

One of my mottos is “I will respect you when you *earn* my respect.”


Image source: Schrebetwittig

Red Reilly: Is this a thing?! do guys do this?! oh my god.


Image source: Strangemami


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