25 Times People Succinctly Explained “Girl Math” In A Funny Post

Published 9 months ago

We all have our own logic and methods of reasoning when making decisions in our lives. What makes sense to one person may not necessarily do so for another person. However, one of the things women are finding in common as of late is the entertaining concept of ‘girl math”. 

While at first, it seems ludicrous that math can be different based on gender, when you dive into it you realise hey, there’s actually some truth to how women calculate things mentally. Scroll down to see what we mean, as this fun thread proves exactly what economic sense some women apply when dealing with finances. 

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jade s: If I’ve been at a pool or in the shower I’m not gonna put the same gross underwear back on. 14 minimum for 7 days is fine.


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Andy Cran: now turn that around,role reverse it

Yin Lin: @Andy Cran (I don’t know if the @ will work but the point is there) I completely agree with what you’re saying, and I consider Mariah Carey a huge a*****e for that, but this really isn’t the best post to talk about it. People came here looking for girl stuff, so they don’t want to see the truth behind abuse towards men. I’m sorry.


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Satan Laughs: Girl here: certifiably accurate. I’m guilty.


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Satan LaughsI’m looking at you, ULTA. Every dang time I feel bad for passing on “free” makeup for only $75.


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MrLiesegang: Yeah, and then they added the taxes and whoosh you‘re paying $55 or so. Means, there are $488 left on the bank account and $38 new dollar to spend…


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WindySwede: I [thought] it was, if I sleep on it, I might get to common sense, and see I don’t need it?


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Mis Stake she/her 🇫🇮🇬🇧 : And that money can then be used to get something you would not spend your own money on because it is spare money


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Mrs Irish Mom: Yup especially if you bought it 3 weeks before and that money is forgotton about then the new thing only feels like it costs 10 euro


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Lisa HThis is valid girl math. Fight me. Actually please don’t.


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Satan Laughs: You can earn free stuff at double the rate. This checks out.


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Ben: I feel like if you use something everyday, it impacts the quality of your life. Worth it


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Ken_Jane: Finally, one that resonates😭

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