20 Women Admit The Most ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ Things They Used To Do And It’s Painfully Hilarious

Published 1 year ago

The term “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” is used to describe a female character who is “quirky” and “unusual” but basically just exists only for the development of the male lead. Recently, the MPDG term resurfaced when TikToker Amy Lovatt admitted to bringing a trifle to every party she attends so she came off as “quirky”. She asked Netizens to share their own “most Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing” that they do and the responses are both hilarious and painfully relatable. 

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Image credits: amylovattt


Image source: bookiesncookies, Pixabay

I’d read books, but up in a tree *so mysterious*


Image source: mollystanley7

What didn’t I do? I used to take my shoes off and splash in every fountain I saw because I was ‘living in the moment’


Image source: ohkathrynmoon, Daniel Kempe

I wore fairy wings to class a lot and wore vintage ball gowns to punk shows (those poor dresses)


Image source: icamefortwilight, James Davies

I drew on my converse to show that I was artistic and quirky I also stood pigeon toed so that you could recognize I wasn’t like other girls hehe


Image source: youarenotinwonderland, Nothing Ahead

My best friend would bring a lemon to every party and very casually eat it.


Image source: beetledoot, Flickr

Bubbles in my purse when I would try to stop smoking, so I would take bubble breaks.


Image source: jjstewart1076, Marc Mueller

Use something overly utilitarian as purse: lunch box, old camera case, thermos, basket.


Image source: georginaarbon, JulieAlexK

Wore coloured contacts everywhere and stared at people like this until they noticed.


Image source: caitlinwoudstra, Andrea Piacquadio

I remember laying in the grass while drunk to feel wild and free and it was just in a weird spot to do so and my friend was like “uh can you get up?”


… I only dated people for a month, and in that month I would make sure I changed their life by enrolling them in school or getting them a job…

Image source: sm0_0thii


Image source: amylovattt, Ingrid Santana

l used to take books to parties and read while drinking wine while my friends were normal college kids and partied accordingly.


I used to carry 5+ apples in my bag at all times so I could give them out to people. I also had a month in 2006 where I wore roller skates everywhere.

Image source: pommepommebananeanana


Image source: magpiemakingmusic, Jared Polin

I would drop pennies as I walked so people could find them and have good luck.


Image source: courtabel

Wore an Elvis Presley T-shirt with an Aladdin looking vest and drank rain water out of mason jars.


Image source: mommatribe, Isabela Kronemberger

I would wear a mini skirt and knee high leather boots, and carry a hiking backpack to parties. What was in the backpack? That was the mystery


Image source: hotistic, Mike Mozart

I would wear 2-3 cereal box watches at once and put flowers in my docs and tell people I knew how to palm read when I couldnt I’d just make it up.


Image source: kikiandthebrain, Thibault Trillet

Used to research unknown bands with terrible music and know just enough about them to seem indie and mysterious.


I would doodle on my backpack and write song lyrics on everything and when people asked what they’re from I’d be like ‘you haven’t heard of them…’

Image source: robot_bicycle


Image source: pugnpoli, Francisco Osorio

Does reading while walking down the halls at school and running a library out of my locker count?


Image source: droogette, Becca McHaffie Avatar of user Becca McHaffie Becca McHaffie beccamchaffie

I would wear thrift store clothes and tell people it was because “I like wearing other people’s stories on me.” *HEAVES*

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