30 People Who Tried Out These Dumb Life Hacks, And They Actually Worked

Published 3 years ago

It seems like we read about some new life hack that’s supposed to make our lives easier almost every day – and most of the time they sound too ridiculous to have any practical use. But here’s the thing – on rare occasions, those crazy life hacks actually end up working, leaving everyone surprised.

People who who tried out some of the dumbest life hacks out there and discovered that they actually work are sharing their experiences, and you might be tempted to try some of them out yourself (although we don’t really recommend it). Check out some not so ethical life hacks that ended up working in the gallery below!

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#1 Get Your Roommate To Clean The Apartment

Image source: austinlockedup

#2 Relationship Hacks 101

Image source: docatcdi

#3 How To Get A Free Gift For Your Wedding

Image source: behindyourback

#4 If You Stain A Shirt, You Can Simply Outline The Stain With A Sharpie And Give It A Name. This Will Make It Seam Like You Visit Islands

Image source: joecool32

#5 My Dad Apparently Sneaks His Remote Into A Local Bar So He Can Change The Channel When He Doesn’t Like What’s On. I’m Equally Embarrassed And Impressed

Image source: BandoLou

#6 If It’s Stupid And It Works It’s Not Stupid

Image source: cindaysaur

#7 Solve Your Problems

Image source: LeBearGirdle

#8 Unethical Life Pro Tips

Image source: TheAndrewNadeau

#9 Life Hack 100

Image source: Jeffjjsjz

#10 Learn When To Cry

Image source: lawyerman_ktk

#11 How To Hack Life

Image source: human_dis4ster

#12 If You Wear Contacts, Leave Them In A Cup Of Coffee Overnight. Instant Sunglasses

Image source: xippix

#13 Modify Your Online Workout By Turning It Off

Image source: morgan_murphy

#14 If It Works It’s Not Stupid

Image source: personathethird

#15 Smart

Image source: marklutchman

#16 Shark Attack

Image source: DrakeGatsby

#17 How To Be “Productive”

Image source: gwatsky

#18 I Figured Out You Don’t Actually Have To Assemble These Things

Image source: ImWadeYo

#19 My Brother Wanted To Measure The Trees In His Yard. This Is How Did He Did It

Image source: Shwnwllms

#20 Meanwhile This Person Is Living In 3018

#21 Gym Tip

Image source: ronnui_

#22 How To Avoid Conversations

#23 Zip It Up

Image source: doublewenis

#24 Started Staining The Deck And Needed To Keep The Dog Off The Deck Boards. Solution Found

Image source: brotatohead

#25 Well If It Works It Works

Image source: Potter_Pegasus

#26 Test Your Hairstyles On Your Kids

Image source: momjeansplease

#27 Life Pro Tip

Image source: StagnantSoldier0947

#28 When Your Landlord Says “No Dogs!”

Image source: Belazur

#29 If You’re Broke And Can’t Afford Coasters Grab Some Flooring Samples From Home Depot. They Are Free And Come In A Variety Of Colors And Finishes

Image source: Jaunt-

#30 If It’s Stupid And It Works It Ain’t Stupid

Image source: mrbik225

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