20 Hilarious Cats Crimes Shared By Cat Owners

Published 1 year ago

Cats are curious and unpredictable creatures – they are often found doing weird things and creating havoc in the house. There is a reason they rule the internet – their random behavior never fails to win the hearts of millions of netizens.

A Twitter user named Premee Mohamed recently tweeted about her cat’s criminal behavior, and many other cat owners jumped in to join the thread. Check out some of the funniest tweets in the gallery below.

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Image credits: premeesaurus


Image source: DezKochis


Image source: D33r_Fuck3r


Image source: Tianbutshamele1


Image source: jackvessalius_x


Image source: BarbiturateCat


Image source: ogwisdomy


Image source: HarrietBurandt


Image source: Montrith_Yaknow


Image source: erinbush1611


Image source: buberella


Image source: Jenelle_M_P


Image source: NatalieZed


Image source: litek2137


Image source: AndreaMartinATX


Image source: BloodOfStarsArt


Image source: beeprobotsong


Image source: priusjames


Image source: sbisson


Image source: The_Evan

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