35 Cats Who Let Their Inner Destroyer Out And Got Caught

Published 3 weeks ago

Cats: the enigmatic and often mischievous creatures that rule our homes with their mysterious ways and occasional bouts of chaos. These furry companions, while adorable, have a knack for getting into trouble and leaving behind a trail of destruction.

However, not every feline is quick enough to flee the scene of their latest misdeed. Here, we present some destructive cats caught red-handed, unable to escape the consequences of their actions.

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#1 They Want To Go To The Beach

Image source: catsuptonogood

#2 The Amount Of Guilt On That Cat’s Face Is Hilarious

Image source: imgur.com

#3 Your Homework? Never Heard About It

Image source: Adan714

#4 My Cat Didn’t Like Her Trip To The Vet, So She Chewed A Hole Under The Futon And Has Been Hiding In It Since We Got Back

Image source: kittensforbrunch

#5 My Jerk Cat Knocks Over A Lamp And Then Yells At Me About It

Image source: C_Smallegan

#6 There Are No Thoughts Behind Those Eyes

Image source: michaelscat2

#7 My Cat Broke Into A 5 Lb Bag Of Catnip. I Came Home To This

Image source: DoomsdayDebbie

#8 He’s On A Diet. It’s Not Going Great

Image source: pickles-and-mayo

#9 Typical

Image source: rifle-mel

#10 My Cat Messed Up A Single Part Of My Window Shades. Never Realized Why Until Just Now

Image source: cbugg

#11 Tried To Make My Own Paper. Failed Successfully

Image source: flippiebippie

#12 Egg Thief

Image source: bbykaat

#13 He Threw My House Slipper In The Toilet

Image source: lymidy

#14 Princess Pamela Knocked Over Two Plants. All Because I Didn’t Feed Her The Moment I Came Home From Work

Image source: chezaraez

#15 Locked My Cat In The Bathroom While I Made A Meal Because He Was Being Annoying. Revenge Was Had

Image source: GreyGhostPhoto

#16 An Entrance To The Void Has Opened In My Living Room

Image source: nursespicey

The cat opened the vent by herself. I didn’t ask for this.

#17 The Cat Was Mad We Weren’t Home To Feed Her Dinner, And Got Back At Us By Ripping Apart A Pack Of Bagels And Taking A Tiny Bite Out Of Each One

Image source: sufficiently_sp00ked

#18 What A Lovely Little Garden! Would Be A Shame If Someone Were To Lay Down On It

Image source: Anonymousopotamus

#19 The Face Of Someone Who Is Proud Of Ripping Up My Sofa

Image source: PastLifeguard2924

#20 I Think It’s Safe To Say That My Lemon Thyme Is Dead

Image source: NachoBorracho69

#21 My Coffee Is His Coffee

Image source: Siskriss

#22 I Mean, Shrimp Is Cute, But She Cannot Afford To Replace My Blinds As She Is Currently Unemployed

Image source: SeaworthinessJumpy95

#23 My Cat Just Bit The Corner Of My MacBook

Image source: bengalguy

#24 This Cat Broke Into My House And Knocked Over My Monitor

Image source: reddit.com

#25 Caught Him Stealing A Slice Of Beef Cheek This Taco Night

Image source: tctochielleon

#26 My Wife Couldn’t Figure Out Why The Plants In Her Flower Box Were Dying. I Think I Found The Problem

Image source: Spankyco

#27 The Crime, The Criminal, The Evidence

Image source: luckycoinantiques

#28 My Daughter Decided To Give Captain Beans Some Catnip. She Forgot To Put The Bag Away. I Came Home To This

Image source: wishingwellington

#29 I Caught My Cat In The Act Of Attacking A Roll Of Toilet Paper

Image source: Fuzzie8

#30 He Had A Mission

Image source: GavinFree

#31 Caught Red-Handed. Tony The Toilet Paper Bandit

Image source: redturtle6

#32 Admiring Her Handiwork

Image source: xenawp314

#33 Another Reason To Put The Lid Down

Image source: GoldenDog1112

#34 Luna Eats My Live Succulents, So I Got LEGO Ones. I Can’t Have Nice Things

Image source: reevadrind

#35 Someone Knocked Over The Toy Basket But Left No Trace! It’s The Perfect Crime

Image source: pinkeskimo

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