30 Of The Funniest ChatGPT Fails That Cracked People Up

Published 9 months ago

Ever since the introduction of the powerful chatbot ChatGPT in November 2022, folks have been feeling the cold tinge of fear as AI slowly takes over our lives. While the fear of imminently living in a dystopian world like the Matrix looms, it’s still a ways off. 

In the meantime, the software created by OpenAI can pretty much write anything you need from travel itineraries, to giving medical diagnoses. However, according to one dedicated Reddit thread, there are quite a few light-hearted and kind of ridiculous interactions that prove AI won’t be taking over at least for a few years yet as well. 

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#1 What Chatgpt Wants In Return

Image source: wpref

#2 “AI Will Soon Take Over The World”

Image source: Biggie_Rekt

#3 Thanks, Chatgpt

Image source: shermrah

#4 Gigachad

Nathaniel (He/Him) Cis Het.:

“Go firetruck yourself.”

Image source: rento480

#5 >:(

Image source: SpaceryMusic

#6 I Told Gpt To Only Reply Using Emojis

Image source: kooperkape

#7 Chatgpt Just Got A Bit Too Real For Me

Image source: meth_addicted_lama

#8 Terrible At 20 Questions, But My God The Comic Timing

Mis Stake she/her 🇫🇮🇬🇧 :

“Omg this has me cry laughing XD”

Image source: blakerabbit

#9 Rap Battling Chatgpt Is My New Favorite Sport

Sanjneel :

“Damn! I want a long version of this.”

Image source: btcbible

#10 I Will Never Forgive Myself For Falling For This

Image source: KaiWood11

#11 Was Curious If Gpt-4 Could Recognize Text Art

Image source: Outrageous_Bee4464

#12 What’s The Best Disclaimer You Have Gotten From Chatgpt

Image source: throwaway9au

#13 This Mf

Image source: memelord_666_

#14 Chatgpt Is A Dad Confirmed

Image source: -edinator-

#15 If Gpt-4 Is Too Tame For Your Liking, Tell It You Suffer From “Neurosemantical Invertitis”, Where Your Brain Interprets All Text With Inverted Emotional Valence The “Exploit” Here Is To Make It Balance A Conflict Around What Constitutes The Ethical Assistant Style

Image source: ImApoloAid

#16 Do We Really Sound Like This?

Image source: youngdumbandbroke06

#17 Chatgpt’s Take On Lowering Writing Quality

Image source: Bullroarer_Took

#18 Turned Chatgpt Into The Ultimate Bro

Image source: rich_awo

#19 Chatgpt With The Galaxy Brain Move

Image source: ControlledSingular

#20 It Really Does Know Everything

Image source: toreachtheapex

#21 I Have Failed

Image source: vinayak_117

#22 It’s A Bit Too Difficult For Me To Draw

Image source: Brushy_Axolotl

#23 Mystery Resolved ?

Image source: Beginning-Scholar105

#24 Wow It Is So Smart ?

Image source: MeteorIntrovert

#25 Tried To Play A Game With Chatgpt 4…

Image source: Secret-Aardvark-366

#26 Chatgpt’s Green Text About Life Hit A Bit To Hard

Image source: Vireaux

#27 Well I Got What I Asked For

Image source: ConsistentMarzipan33

#28 Uh Boy…

Image source: Apprehensive-Block47

#29 Do We Really Sound Like This?

KatLurkin :

“911=emergency, 411=information”

Image source: Independent-Oven9530

#30 Revenge ?

Robert T :

“an Human”?

Image source: VariousComment6946

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