30 Unfortunate Christmas Fails

Published 4 years ago

Even though most of us try to make our holiday celebrations as perfect as possible, small mistakes are always unavoidable. Got your brother a nice t-shirt? Looks like your aunt got him the same one. Received an awesome RC car from your uncle? Guess what, there isn’t a pair of batteries for the remote in the whole house. They might seem annoying at first but the sooner you realize there’s no use getting upset, the sooner everyone can have a nice laugh and continue the celebration.

People are sharing their hilarious Christmas fails that will make you realize you’re not the only one whose holidays didn’t go as perfectly as planned. Unfortunate gift wrapping, suggestive decorations, and naughty animals – check it all out in the gallery below! And if you love Christmas fails, see our previous posts here and here.

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#1 Not Only Did Grandpa Already Have This Shirt, He Was Wearing It When He Unwrapped It

Image source: BJK5150

#2 Gift I Received. Wrapped In A Such A Way That It Appears As If Linus And Patty Are Getting It On In Front Of Marcie

Image source: OllieUnited18

#3 Grandma Likes To Get Us Puzzles For Christmas. She Thought It Was An Elf

Image source: mr_awesome365

#4 Merry Christmas, Mom

Image source: PlayStory

#5 We Left Some Christmas Decorations Out In The Driveway Last Night Which I Just Remembered When I Turned On My Car This Morning. I Just About Crapped My Pants

Image source: seatonater07

#6 When The Christmas Card Photo Shoot With The Sheep Goes Wrong

Image source: mydogismysoulmate

#7 My Wife And I Have A Tradition Of Picking Out The Ugliest Tree At The Tree Farm. This Year We Hit A Grand Slam

Image source: Anxiouspitbull

#8 These Ho Ho Ho’s On Wrapping Paper Are Confetti. There Are 1000 Little Ho’s All Over My House, There Are Ho’s On My Kids, There Will Be Ho’s Forever

Image source: Destinee Gunnett

#9 My Dad Made Me These “Decorative Trees” In His Workshop For Christmas

Image source: Popecicle

#10 When Your Parents Wrap Your Presents Last Minute

Image source: Halogen_ic

#11 Went To The Office Holiday Party. Didn’t Know Corporate Was Going To Be There

Image source: alien005

#12 My Cousin Was *wrapping Presents

Image source: Doctor-B

#13 Merry Christmas!

Image source: stargazingmanatee

#14 Tom’s 1st Christmas

Image source: LittleMissKarma

#15 I Put A Christmas Story Lamp In My Front Window And Not One Of My Neighbors Recognized It. Several Have Stopped To Ask Why I Have A “Weird, Gross Leg” On Display

Image source: bdd1001

#16 Isnt That Called Arson?

Image source: MayMyEnemiesLiveLong

#17 Those “Reindeer”

Image source: SomeDoge

#18 When You Have Your Kid Paint Wrapping Paper But It Ends Up Looking Like You Murdered The UPS Guy And Stole His Packages

Image source: clearlybujo

#19 My Cat Got Stuck In The Wall On Christmas Day

Image source: therealIndigocat

The basement kitchenette ceiling was left open when it was built a few months ago so he climbed onto the cupboards and into the ceiling before falling into the wall.

This was at my mom’s house and he was stuck for about 2 hours while we tried to figure out his exact location and cut a hole to release him. He is perfectly fine and even tried to go back in the hole!

#20 My Cousin Got A Drone For Christmas

Image source: Rowdybob22

#21 The Disappointment In My Face After Getting The Same Shirt I’m Wearing For Christmas When I Was 11

Image source: NoMeGustav

#22 Merry Christmas Everyone

Image source: aggadoo

#23 This Basically Sums Up Traveling With Our Toddler. Merry Christmas

Image source: bp_free

#24 My Boyfriend Said He Made Holiday Cookies

Image source: radioflea

#25 I Used Chocolate Bells Instead Of Kisses. Is It Me Or Did I Just Make Christmas B***s?

Image source: 2olley

#26 Buddy At Work Secret Santa Party Legit Just Got Gifted The Same Shirt He Is Wearing

Image source: Dan_The_Salmon

#27 This Is How Well Our Christmas Card Photoshoot Is Going

Image source: brimmycrumbtiny

#28 Brother And His Boyfriend, Maybe?

Image source: memequeenbitch

#29 Christmas Ice Marbles Expectations vs. Reality

Image source: pnw_smalls

#30 Marry Christmas!

Image source: Himetora

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