20 Photos Showing How Some People Ran Out Of Luck In Christmas

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes things tend to take a wrong turn even if we plan everything perfectly. And when these things happen during the holiday season, it spoils everyone’s mood. However, some people manage to find humor in those tragedies.

People on the internet have shared their most unfortunate Christmas fails, and we can’t help but find them pretty hilarious. From ugly sweaters to a cat biting off Christmas lights cable – see all of that and more in the gallery below! And if you want to see more such fails, check out our previous posts here, here, and here.

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#1 My Mom Bought Me This Christmas Sweater Thinking It Was Unisex. Narrator: It Wasn’t

Image source: diggtrucks1025

#2 I Ordered This 6 Weeks Ago So I Could Wear It For Christmas. It Just Came Today On Jan 9 And I Think It’s Mocking Me

Image source: TacoBellSauceAnswers

#3 For Christmas 2019, My Boss Gifted Us With 1 Work From Home Day In 2020

Image source: -edna__mode-

#4 I Grabbed A Bottle Of Spray That Deters Cats From Chewing On Things, Sprayed It All Over My Christmas Tree. It Was A Catnip Spray Bottle

Image source: ChuckZombie

“All over. 50 squirts at least. Then I went to put the spray back on the shelf and realized I grabbed the wrong bottle. Now I can’t get them away from it. This is the most chaotic thing that’s ever happened. They’ve knocked down a branch, the star, and all of the ornaments that were on the lower half. Omg.”

#5 Just Got A New Job. They Said To Wear “Christmas Clothes” The Other Day. They All Came In Dressed Up. I Apparently Didn’t Understand The Same Thing

Image source: lali002

#6 My Christmas Contribution

Image source: ColdFireplace411

#7 My Wife Received A Corporate Gift From One Of Her Partners For Christmas. It Has Been In The Fridge Since. When I Went To Open The Bottle, I Found Out It Was A Candle

Image source: 42Navigator

It came with candy, champagne flutes, and a small bottle of bubbly.

#8 It’s Not Write

Image source: Myneckmyguac

#9 Woman Spent £85 On A “Grinch Visit”. He Did His Job Perfectly

Image source: cafucatfood

#10 Moments After Santa Got Kicked In The Balls. Santa Had A Vasectomy Last Week. I’m Santa

Image source: Jimothy_Riggins

#11 Our Shameless Guiltless Adorable Cat After She Bit Through A Christmas Lights Cable And Stopped The Electricity In The Whole Apartment

Image source: ellie1398

#12 Elf Socks I Got My Dad For Christmas, When Wearing Pants Just Shows Will Ferrell Crotch

Image source: Laundry-Champagne

#13 Man Tying A Christmas Tree To The Roof, Tied Doors Too

Image source: taypa4227

#14 There Was An Attempt To Take A Cute Christmas Photo

Image source: dogmum214

#15 When Your Christmas Tree Just Can’t Make It Until Christmas

When Your Christmas Tree Just Can’t Make It Until Christmas

Image source: Nipgen05

#16 Today, United 328, A Boeing 777-200 Dropped Engine Parts Out Of The Sky

Image source: aker29

#17 My Expensive “Surprise” Gift For My Husband Being Left On The Porch Like This

Image source: badabingerrr

#18 Christmas Tree On Fire In Kaunas, Lithuania

#19 This Is The Second Time I’ve Had To Quit My Job In Order To See My Family For Christmas, Who I See Once A Year

Image source: TallManTimbo

#20 I Got A New Coat For Christmas And My Toddler Got Some New Markers

Image source: Idcaster

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