30 Of The Funniest Posts From ‘Your Joke But Better’ Online Group

Published 6 months ago

When someone makes a joke and another person takes that joke only to make it even better with their wit, the level of satisfaction our brains receive is almost unbearable.

One subreddit, ‘Your Joke But Better‘ is a compilation of such gems found in the online wilderness where someone used a comment as a setup for their own humorous response. Scroll below to read the best one-liner punchlines and witty rejoinders folks have made online that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning peruser. 

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#1 All The Little People!

Image source: TheDnDumbass

#2 Kid On Mains

Image source: xerxesbeat

#3 “Unclejokes”

Image source: nV0ker

#4 Doh!

Image source: rafisofa

#5 Damn

Image source: King_the_Ripper

Pyla: That went from wholesome to brutal!

#6 50 Shades Of Yourjokebutbetter

Image source: KOA13

K M: Of course, the chicken can’t truss you either, you always stab it in the back.

#7 This Was His First Comment In Over A Year

Image source: UniformImmunity

#8 Which Witch

Image source: Skyline348726

Naz Fride: She turned me into a newt.

#9 5 Out Of 6 Say Russian Roulette Is Perfectly Safe

Image source: Bigringcycling

Black GarbageI once tried Russian Roulette with a glock as an experiment. All my test subjects refused to give a statement afterwards.

#10 Pegging Conservatives

Image source: Mattyyflo

AngelWingsYT:  This escalated

#11 First Post To This Sub

Image source: zomebodyy

Peppermallow: ‘Ear ‘ear

#12 Cutting Creeps Down To Size

Image source: CaseyKidd

me McG: “I had a period when I was sixteen where I started to get a big head.” – leonardo-dicaprio-quotes

#13 Insert Title Here

Image source: viralvegetable

#14 Dads Having Fun

Image source: theabbiee

#15 Hah

Image source: AntsRus

#16 Holding My Cow By The Tongue Won’t Hurt Her

Image source: bhFraincnc

jaysko: Handburglar

#17 I Do Know The Rest

Image source: Jack_of_Hearts20

Spidercat: Bills_and_Thrills is certainly a cunning linguist…

#18 Yourbrotherbutbetter

Image source: I3arny

Lauren S: Did anyone else hear a banjo strumming?

#19 Still No Interest Then

Image source: RealChili1

#20 A Title

Image source: ImpracticalMolecule

The Original Bruno: My friend Mary had a to-do list that someone smoked. It was a Mary Wanna list.

#21 The Reply Was Punbelievable!

Image source: ppassy

theincrediblebatcat: It must have been a real DualShock

#22 This Mangers Me

Image source: BerryBoat

K M: Wooden you love to know what my pun will be!

#23 Its The Same Guy But This Made The Joke Better

Image source: Someguy32323v4

mick mouse: Nun of that please

#24 Taliban Joke

Image source: reddit.com

#25 Jesus Is Watching

Image source: Kabukimansanjoe

David R.: Thus sprayeth the Lord.

#26 I Mean He’s Not Wrong

Image source: MorphFromTreasurePnt

Pyla: He swooped, he scored. Piabetes. I am still giggling

#27 Meringuin

Image source: superfleh

#28 Obviously Better

Image source: Masen_The_Weeb

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: I love Weird Al, and I always enjoy his version of the song more.

#29 Love A Good Boob Pun

Image source: Gabinsca

#30 Radiation

Image source: murtaza64

WhyBother?: Sive ftars

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