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10+ Epic Kitchen Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Cooking Skills

Published 2 years ago

#21 Homemade Smiley Face Fries

Image source: glamgroupie

#22 This Makes Me Laugh So Much Every Time I See It That Maybe It Was Worth The Fail

Image source: AndreaY

#23 Olaf Quesadillas

Image source: Michele

#24 Ordered A Birthday Cake For My Niece

Image source: ehsan

#25 Bunny Rolls

Image source: BEBEGALINI

#26 Rainbow Heart Cookies Surprise

Image source: eugeniekitchen

#27 Girlfriend’s Halloween Themed Cupcakes

Image source: AlmightyPO

#28 Chocolate Covered Banana Penguins

Image source: Maria

#29 Grooms Cake Disaster, What We Wanted Vs. What We Got

Image source: bananaloutay

#30 I Would Never Attempt This Again

Image source: Wakimolie


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