20 Times People Tried Their Hand At Cooking And Failed Miserably

Published 1 year ago

Let’s admit it! Almost all of us who have ever tried cooking has definitely messed up at least once, if not more. Every kitchen has a story of an absolute disaster that happened there.

Turns out, there is even a Reddit community called “Cooking Fails” where people share photos of their delicious screw-ups. So if you think that your debacle was bad, check out some of the posts from this online community, and you might actually feel better about your cooking mishaps.

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#1 Cooking A Egg With Worcestershire Sauce. Ended Up Making Dog Turds

Image source: u/EstablishmentCute990

#2 I Baked A Cake

Image source: u/Dyna_

#3 My Mom Cooked Some Eggs In The Oven At 400f For 30 Minutes, And The Top Was Almost Plastic In Texture, With A Dry, Hard Centre

Image source: u/IronTemplar26

#4 I Tried

Image source: u/I-Dont-Care1324

#5 Just Learned The Hard Way That Curcuma + Hot Water + Rice Noodles = Satan’s Pasta. I Shrieked

Image source: u/AnaBabyGoth

#6 I Dropped The Cheesecake While Unmolding It

Image source: u/[deleted]

#7 A Friend Writes: “Apparently I Bought A Brining Bag Instead Of A Baking Bag”

Image source: u/jesseburns

#8 Expectation vs. Reality

Image source: u/HomewardPrefect65

#9 Tried Making A Mug Cake

Image source: u/Shadowblade6709

#10 I Tried To Make A Mug Cake. Something Somewhere Went Horribly Wrong And It Exploded In My Microwave

Image source: u/[deleted]

#11 My “Alfredo Sauce”

Image source: u/AzraelAAOD

#12 My 12yo Made French Toast For The First Time This Morning

Image source: u/thor421

#13 Guess What This Was…?

Image source: u/PositivelyHopefull

#14 I Tried To Make A Churro, But I Made Chookies

Image source: u/[deleted]

#15 Pickled Avocado. Good Lord It’s Bad

Image source: u/_Erindera_

#16 We Tried Making Cookie But This Happened… Tastes Pretty Good Though

Image source: u/zanexex

#17 My Mother In Law Served This For Lunch. Luckily I Was At The Park With My Son And Warned Not To Return

Image source: u/DirtyThi3f

#18 Pesto? More Like Pestoh No! Tried Making Homemade Pesto And It Turned Out More Like Avocado

Image source: u/rvp0209

#19 I Tried Making A BBQ Pizza Because I Was Really Hungry. Tastes So Bad I Literally Regurgitated The First Bite

Image source: u/Pbfman

#20 Yummy Glass

Image source: u/jac5423

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