20 Ads Posted On Facebook That Were Hilariously Weird Or Awkward

Published 1 year ago

The Facebook marketplace is filled with many interesting things that you might want to buy. Whether you are looking for something to buy or not,  entertainment is sure to be found there.

There are so many bizarre things people try to sell on Facebook that someone actually made a Facebook group named “That’s It, I’m FB Marketplace Shaming“. This page is dedicated to sharing posts of people posting ridiculous ads on FB. Scroll below to see some of their funniest posts.

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Image source: Josh Alexander


Image source: Haylee Renfrow


Image source: Sylvia Fogle


Image source: Donna Morgan


Image source: Gabby Boyle


Image source: Jessica Sanders


Image source: Amber Player


Image source: Ahri Snow


Image source: Morgan Brooks


Image source: Tristin Lester


Image source: Jessica Sharp


Image source: Bids O’Breill


Image source: Charlene English


Image source: Erin Prictor


Image source: Cas Cornish


Image source: Felicity Snyder


Image source: Skyler Paige


Image source: Shannon Marie Lemmerman


Image source: Megan Patrich


Image source: Kelsey Northrop

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