30 Times People Tried Dyeing Their Hair And Got “Less Than Successful” Results

Published 3 years ago

Dyeing your hair a different color can be a great way of giving yourself a fresh new look. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you decide to dye your hair at home, especially if you’re going for an extremely bold color. Wear gloves, read the instructions, and always check the label for potential allergens – or else your extreme makeover might turn into an extreme disaster.

People are sharing pictures of the worst hair dyeing disasters that they experienced, and they’re absolutely hilarious. Check them out in the gallery below, and if you want more, make sure to read our previous post about the funniest quarantine beauty fails here!

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#1 This Girl Used Walmart Plastic Bag To “Keep The Heat In” While She Bleached Her Hair. The Logo From The Bag Came Off And Is Now Dyed Into Her Hair

Image source: BoopBoop20

#2 Allergic To Hair Dye

Image source: southwoodhunter

#3 I’m Sharing This For Educational Purposes Only. She Bleached Her Box Colored Hair At Home And Then Put A Relaxer On It To Control Frizz. Her Hair Is Beyond Recovery

Image source: Kristen Rankin

#4 How’s College Going? Well My Roommate Is Now A Smurf

Image source: KennzieMack

#5 Do You Think My Grandma Would Notice I Dyed My Hair?

Image source: kinsey_dixon

#6 Guess Who’s Severely Allergic To Hair Dye? This Girl

Image source: a-liketheway

#7 So, My Friend Had A Pretty Ridiculous Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye. Pic On The Left Is What She Normally Looks Like

Image source: the_chosen_ginger

#8 I Didn’t Notice That My Glove Broke While Dyeing My Friend’s Hair And Now My Hands Are Stained

Image source: CriticalReality

#9 My Friend’s Child Got Into Her Hair Dye Before She Woke Up

Image source: ontour4eternity

#10 So, My Bottle Hair Dye Just Exploded

Image source: sashagreylovesme

#11 2021 Dad Of The Year: I Told Her To Shower Instead Of Rinsing Her Hair Out, Right After Dyeing It

Image source: medicfourlife

#12 My Friend Wants To Go To School To Be A Hairdresser, I Let Her Practice On My Hair

Image source: KillTh3King

#13 Don’t Dye Your Hair Blonde If You Have Black Hair

Image source: Valenette

#14 I Think My Mom Is Allergic To Hair Coloring

Image source: Jacked1218

#15 The Time I Accidentally Dyed My Hair Orange And Then Accidentally Dressed Like A Bag Of Oranges

Image source: socialistdogmom

#16 My Friend’s Little Brother Had An Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye

Image source: JohnTheRevelatorJR

#17 Today I Learned That Hair Dye Smudges

Image source: JayPines

#18 Purple Dye Disaster. I Was A Walking, Wide-Eyed Eggplant

Image source: edventuregirl.com

On the one hand, I was purple, we were going out later, and this was mortifying. On the other, it was absolutely hilarious

#19 This Is Why Hair Dye Says To Test It On A Small Spot Before Applying Everywhere. Bad Allergic Reaction

Image source: southwoodhunter

#20 Didn’t Realize One Of My Glove Fingers Broke Until I Was Done Dyeing My Hair

Image source: fibbybritches

#21 So My Wife Colored Her Hair Yesterday

Image source: cootrswampgrass

#22 What My Hair Looked Like – What I Asked For – And How It Turned Out

Image source: carli_snyder

#23 During… And After. Yep, Neil’s Hair Doesn’t Do Dyeing

Image source: outofmytree

#24 Someone Used A Plastic Walmart Bag To Keep The Heat In While Bleaching Their Hair… With Predictable Results

Image source: theghostofme

#25 What Could Go Wrong If I Dye My Hair In Front Of My Laptop?

Image source: Rilalia

#26 I Will Be Suing The Company Who Marked This Box Of Hair Dye As Dark Brown

Image source: freckledmexican

#27 We Had An Incident – I Think It Was A Faulty Bottle. But, Nora Is In Heaven That She’s Dyed Head To Toe In Pink. So We Will Call It A Lose-Win

Image source: jennanemelka

#28 An Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye

Image source: DoctorYogurtButler

#29 Accidentally Put The Hair Dye Gloves On Backwards. My Stupidity Knows No Bounds

Image source: tinyeehole

#30 Dyed Everything Except For My Hair. Including My Tongue, Nail Beds And Corneas

Image source: thievesbrotherhood

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