20 Of The Funniest Failed Attempts At Halloween

Published 3 years ago

When Einstein said that “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”, he was probably right. Sometimes failures teach us how to do things better. Therefore, one should never get discouraged if things go the wrong way.

While some mistakes are very serious and sad, others could be taken light-heartedly, like Halloween fails! Yes, it often happens that people wear weird costumes because of certain design fails or due to some miscommunication. Moreover, when it comes to Halloween, lots of other things can go wrong, like pumpkin carvings and other food or decorations items.

For these people, Halloween might not have gone as planned, but they surely had a burst of good laughter. Scroll below to see the most epic Halloween fails from all over the internet.

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#1 This Pennywise Halloween Costume

Image source: Scoutingtn

#2 This Horrifying Teletubby

Image source: sesameme_street2019

#3 I Needed Some Edible Eyeballs For A Halloween Party Snack. These Were Inside A Larger Bag

Image source: Kalsifur

#4 We Were Supposed To Go As Bikers But He Didn’t Get The Memo

Image source: thugnyssa

#5 Pumpkin Fail

Image source: JanellleAyala

#6 We Were Supposed To Be Cleopatra And Caesar.. Classic Case Of Miscommunication

Image source: SierraEJackson

#7 Happy Halloween From Your Local Discount Jedi, I’m Also The Only One Dressed Up At Work

Image source: R3dVox

#8 Don’t Call It A Pumpkin Fail. I Very Specifically & Intentionally Carved A Portal To Another World

Image source: SarahBethBrooks

#9 I Remembered The Time That I Wanted To Dress As “Cotton Candy” For Halloween And Handmade My Costume

Image source: Aarin The Shark

#10 My Team Said We Were Dressing As Pirates

Image source: joevanover

#11 True Blood Pumpkin Fail

Image source: ShowsWithBite

#12 Epic Fail By My Dad, Not Trying His Costume On Before We Got To Disney World Florida

Image source: AGENTC2008

#13 Decided To Throw A Halloween Party For The First Time In Years. Just Found Out No One Is Coming

Image source: Domestica

#14 These Halloween Decorations

Image source: Magatalip1

#15 Ghost Cupcake

Image source: whatmegansmaking

#16 Bought This Cool Halloween Bottle Opener. The Skulls Prevent It From Getting Under The Cap

Image source: YLedbetter10

#17 Was At My Kid’s School For A Costume Parade. One Dad Misunderstood In The Best Way Possible

Image source: MrNoodleIncident

#18 My Team Said We Were Dressing As Dominoes…

Image source: Stuck_in_a_depo

#19 Lol In Honor Of Halloween To My Halloween Pumpkin Carving Fail Last Year.. My Attempt At A Toothbrush

Image source: brittlauck11

#20 I Was Told The Theme Was Greece And I Dressed Accordingly

Image source: daulton channel

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