20 Bizarre Off-Brand Halloween Costumes That Are Too Hilarious Not To Share

Published 2 years ago

Although there are numerous Halloween costumes available in the market that can help you look like your favorite character, there are also some hilarious knock-offs out there waiting to crack you up with their absurdity.

While shopping for Halloween celebrations, people spotted various funny costumes and shared their photos online. Be it Wednesday Addams renamed as “evil midweek cutie” or Harry Potter renamed as “mysterious magician boy”, scroll below to see some hilarious and cringy knock-off Halloween costumes.

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#1 When You Don’t Own The Licensing Rights

Image source: vodray

#2 There Is A Bunch Of Stuff Like This In My Local Costume Shop

Image source: FernardFresh

#3 This Incredibly Racist Wig I Found In A Halloween Costume Shop A Few Years Back

Image source: Hightower10000

#4 Halloween Is Great

Image source: Salemthakid

#5 Halloween Karen

Image source: thecroakerqueen

#6 My All-Time Favorite Book Character: Missing Boy

Image source: steampotato_

#7 “Plastic Man” Halloween Mask

Image source: tkmusic89

#8 Omg It’s 10 From Unusual Events

Image source: _Ign0red

#9 Found These Gems In My Local Halloween Store

Image source: ManyTraining6

#10 A Stranger Things Knock-Off Halloween Costume

Image source: RonSwansonIsMyDad

#11 Halloween Costume From My Local Discount Store

Image source: peachibbi

#12 Aqua Walker

Image source: Warmtheawesome1234

#13 I Found This “Girls Fantasy” Halloween Costume

Image source: SpagyetiBoy

#14 Trans Boy

Image source: HyperDank420

#15 Well, They’re Not Wrong

Image source: ComradeReindeer

#16 Even Has Short Legs, Amazing

Image source: Kunundrum85

#17 Rehab Wig

Image source: PyroNemesis

#18 I’m Sorry But That’s Just A Poorly Made Costume

Image source: Girlonsleighs2

#19 Daddy’s Little Disaster From That Famous Movie

Image source: strohmian_

#20 Halloween Stores Never Disappoint

Image source: stringuy1

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