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10+ Times Hotel Decorators Failed So Badly It’s Hilarious

Published 2 years ago

#31 The Motel Advertised That They Had A Pool. They Did Not Mention That It Was Filled With Gravel

Image source: ExHokie

#32 My Hotel Tried To Fold Their Towels All Fancy Like

Image source: trevorm088

#33 Stayed At The Gaylord Hotel In Nashville Last Weekend. This Was The View From My Window

Image source: GrumpyBunnies

#34 When You Ask The Hotel For An Extra Bed For Your Boy And They Give This

Image source: phonekyaw27

#35 For Some Amazing Reason, My Hotel Room Is Lethal Weapon 2 Themed

Image source: xcampkillx

#36 This Hotel Is Very… Accommodating

Image source: acrawf1

#37 Found The Most Useless Cabinet At My Hotel

Image source: Jwags420

#38 Don’t Think The Owner Of This Hotel Thought This Through

Image source: mediagarden

#39 The Housekeeping Cart At My Hotel Is A Stolen Shopping Cart

Image source: PresentBeverage

#40 “Art” In A Hotel Lobby. Apparently, I’ve Been Making Masterpieces In The Shower For Years

Image source: one4buffett


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