McDonald’s Japan Releases A Line Of Adorable Cups But People Are Finding Them Hilariously Inappropriate

Published 5 years ago

Recently, to promote a line of McFizz soft drinks, McDonald’s Japan released a series of adorable cups featuring a boy and a girl in love. Now, they seem pretty innocent at first sight but people quickly figured out how to make them… rather inappropriate.

They figured out that by combining and rotating the cups, they reveal some suggestive poses. And you better believe they didn’t let their inner teenagers sleep for long.

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To promote the new McFizz drinks, McDonald’s Japan released a series of adorable cups

Image credits: kitsunekonnkonn

The cups feature a boy and a girl in love and holding the cup at the right angle shows them kissing

Image credits: 8W9ifBVChNuTdnh

However, people quickly found a way to make things hilariously inappropriate

Image credits: 6AXkWMqMZgKgCjU

They figured out that turning and combining the cups reveals some suggestive poses

Image credits: mao_kila

Image credits: 1matsu_14matsu_

According to SoraNews24, the cups are still available, so you can still get one if you feel like giggling like a teenager.

Check out the hilariously inappropriate cups in the gallery below!

Image credits: _chocolation_

Image credits: _chocolation_

Image credits: imL0418NK

Image credits: mao_kila

Image credits: ankorerorero318

Image credits: re_citrus

Image credits: ew_butterfly

Image credits: ew_butterfly

People had a lot to say about the new cups

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