20 Terrible Landlords That Mucked Things Up Or Worse

Published 11 months ago

With the cost of buying a place of your own being so high, renting out is the most feasible option for many people. However, it does come with its own downsides. The lack of ownership means rent price is liable to fluctuate and the whole experience may be influenced heavily by one’s relationship with the landlord. 

Indeed, if you end up with a less-than-pleasant individual as your landlord, the experience may directly correlate to a not-so-pleasant stay with issues regarding repairs or amenities cropping up repeatedly. Today, we explore a host of such situations, where folks encountered a unique landlord that led to an interesting experience which they felt worthy of sharing with the world online as solid entertainment fodder. 

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#1 Our Landlord Keeps Saying There’s Nothing Wrong With Our Shower

Image source: Cheddar18

#2 Landlord Hasn’t Fixed The Hole In The Wall For 6 Months So Turning It Into An Art Piece

Image source: likethecolour

#3 Landlord Thought I Was A Government Agent And Decided To Lock Me Out To Do This. RIP 3080 FE

Image source: _FedoraTipperBot_

#4 That’s Incredibly Nice, Incredibly Invasive, And Incredibly Passive-Aggressive, All In One… Wow

Image source: emily_hillstrom

#5 My Landlord (Shared House) Told Me To Take Down My Flag Or I Would Be Evicted. I’m Austrian. I Don’t Know If I Should Be Offended Or Astonished By His Stupidity. He went mental! He legitimately thought this was a WW2 Nazi flag. His face when he looked it up was priceless though.

Image source: TheFeistyBiscuit

#6 Landlord Said He Was Installing Shower Doors

Image source: royallokii

#7 No “Spices And Oils” In All Cooking

Image source: nicface

#8 I Found A Camera, That A Landlord Tried Hiding In The Laundry Room Of A Rental, That Faces A Mirror In My Entryway Where I Sometimes Change Clothes In Front Of

Image source: reddit.com

#9 Been Asking The Landlord To Investigate The Sagging Roof In My Kitchen For Months Now, Came Home To Find This Tonight

Image source: ZombieAbeVigoda

#10 This Is How The Landlord Fixed The Leaky Ceiling

Image source: reddit.com

#11 “Don’t Cook A Big Meal In The Kitchen”

Image source: FensterDJ

#12 Hmm, Landlords Don’t Want Tenants That Know Their Rights?

Image source: hasharin

#13 If Karen Was Your Landlord

Image source: thiscassgirl

#14 My Landlord Told Me He’d Pressure Wash My Deck

Image source: TimeIsAnEllipsis

#15 Moved Into This Apartment With My Girlfriend Less Than A Month Ago. Last Night, The Sky Started Falling. Landlord claims the ceiling collapse was an “Act of god” and they’re not liable for negligent damages; maintenance confirmed that negligence by throwing electronics already possibly damaged in a pile underneath wet towels. The infuriation continues.

Image source: andrewm_99, andrewm_99

#16 My Landlord, While Painting The Apartment I Am Moving Out Of, Drank My Limited-Release MF Doom Beer That Came Out After The News Of His Passing. I’ve had this beer for about a year.

Image source: holographiclife

#17 Landlord “Didn’t Know” He Wasn’t Paying A Water Bill, A Water Company Guy Came, Reported Fraud And Took The Water Pipe With Him

Image source: uBeatch

#18 After A Grueling Day At Work Without Food Where I Had To Wait 4 Hours For A Sample To Arrive Which Got Canceled, I Come Home At 7pm To Find All My Stuff In Garbage Bags. Because the cleaners my landlord sent cleared the wrong apartment.

Image source: km1180

#19 Landlord Goes The Extra Mile For Rent Money. They tell you wich unit didn’t pay.

Image source: davie_dave

#20 One Of My Neighbors Has Had It With The Landlord

Image source: CammysComicCorner

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