20 Times Kids Amused Their Parents During Halloween

Published 1 year ago

As this year’s Halloween celebrations are over, it’s time to share some interesting moments that made people smile. For parents, Halloween brings lots of work – whether it’s getting their kids’ costumes ready or taking them for trick-or-treating, they have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. However, they also have some moments of fun and laughter with their kids.

Scroll below to see the most hilarious pics from this Halloween where kids amused their parents and made them burst out laughing.

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#1 This Kid Wanted To Be A “Shirt” For Halloween

Image source: bradysmith99

#2 My Daughter Got To Wear A Costume During Gymnastics Practice And This Is What She Chose

Image source: Dalo600

#3 This Kid Was A Fart For Halloween

Image source: toddminus

#4 My 6 Year Old’s Solution For Keeping Ants From Invading The Jack-O-Lantern

Image source: a-winner-is-you

#5 Our 8 Year Old Made Halloween Decorations This Morning And We Just Noticed This One She Put In The Window

Image source: dushisellers


Image source: dad_on_my_feet

#7 Just Don’t Read The Fine Print

Image source: robinwood41


Image source: DameSpunky

#9 Mmmm, What A Score

Image source: sour_the_milk

#10 Happy Halloween! (My Kid Invented A New Halloween Centric Event That Involves Carving Butts Into Pumpkins)

Image source: Ajarjay

#11 I Put My Son In A Halloween Onesie Without Thinking Much About It And Gave Myself A Heart Attack At 2am

Image source: LadyJane17

#12 Left My Son Alone With The Decorations

Image source: DesertDelirium

#13 My Kid Found A Better Use For Out Halloween Wine Holder At The Cookout Tonight

Image source: fugawf

#14 My Kid Wanted To Be A Cup Of Mac N Cheese For Halloween

Image source: Krunk1599

#15 Can You Guess Who Won The Halloween Costume Contest?

Image source: 1PeePeeTouch

#16 Daughter Picked Out Masks And Weapons To Scare Mom When She Gets Home From Work. I Love My 6 Year Old

Image source: nit4r

#17 Part Of The Halloween Display My Wife And Kids Put Together

Image source: Dilligaf_Bazinga

#18 My Son Works At A Tire Shop. This Is The Pumpkin He Carved

Image source: JBrew_Runes

#19 My Brother’s Kid Is Running Around The House Like This Giving Me The Wiggins

Image source: Grimmportent

#20 I Decided To Scare The Grownups This Year

Image source: Musicferret

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