30 Times Kids’ School Photos Turned Out Ridiculous

Published 4 years ago

Don’t know how about you, but I still remember school picture days as if they were yesterday: your parents dress you up in your best clothes, comb your hair, and tell you to smile and not blink no matter what. And yet no matter how much effort they put in, most of us still ended up looking absolutely ridiculous.

Parents are sharing the most ridiculous school photos of their kids and I’m pretty sure they’ll make you burst out laughing the same way the parents did when they first saw them. Check out some of the best ones in the gallery below!

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#1 Reagan Brought Home Her School Pictures Today. Should I Ground Her Or High-Five Her?

Image source: Sarah Hurley

#2 My Friend’s Boyfriend Was Not Happy About His Kindergarten Picture. His Parents Still Have It Framed In Their House 20 Years Later

Image source: wrud4d

#3 Apparently I Didn’t Know How To Smile In First Grade

Image source: pudgyllamarider

#4 I’m So Mad Right Now. I Checked My Son’s Book Bag And Find These

Image source: andrielmiles

#5 Mason Got His Kindergarten Pictures And I Didn’t Want His Name On The Bottom So I Typed In “I Don’t Want This” And They Freaking Printed This… So Now I Have Like 30 Pictures Of Him With This On The Bottom

Image source: Brittany Kinley

#6 In Case You’ve Ever Wondered What Happens When Your Kid Wears Green On Picture Day

Image source: loalyinc

#7 I Still Think That This Is My Favorite Photo Of All Time

Image source: chadgreenfield

#8 My Brother’s Pre-K Picture. He Didn’t Know How To Smile

Image source: reddit.com

#9 His Face Says It All

Image source: hashtagjules

#10 10m, And Looking Like A Middle Age Mom Who’s Deciding To Grace You With A Smile, While Still Judging You Just A Little

Image source: otusasio451

#11 My Daughter’s First Ever School Photo. She Was So Excited For Days, Went In And Got A Mugshot Instead

Image source: Shkmstr

#12 The School Offered To Re-Shoot The Photo But My Parents Declined

Image source: homerBM

#13 My Wife’s School Picture With Her Most Prized Possession At The Time. An Evanescence Cd

Image source: the-passenger77

#14 Oh My

Image source: allydiebold

#15 I Told My 9-Year-Old I Didn’t Care What He Did In His Spring School Photos. This Is What He Gave Us

Image source: Lindseyrj7

#16 I Too Was Instructed Not To Blink During My Elementary School Yearbook Photo

Image source: hornifurhonky

#17 School Photos Sometimes In The Early 2000s. I Really Thought I Was “Da Bomb”

Image source: GeneralLeeCooll

I remember going to “Limited Too” and thinking those velour pants were a must.

#18 Me In The 4th Grade Ready To Go On Some Sort Of Tropical Safari With My Best Friend

Image source: grodylarude

#19 How’s Your 2020 Going?

Image source: prettystefani

#20 Sasshole

#21 Jack’s Picture This Year. Seriously, School Photographer? Seriously?!?!

Image source: girlysmack

#22 School Photo Circa 1996. Allergies Were Hitting Me Hard That Day

Image source: digitlhaze

#23 This Was The Retake Of My Second Grade School Photo

Image source: blondofblargh

#24 My Friend Was Saying “Yee” Before You Were Saying “Haw”

Image source: midnight-at-noon

#25 My 2nd Grade School Pic. I’m A Girl

Image source: ddekstr

#26 School Pictures Today. I Hope I Don’t Get A Repeat Of This Gem From 2016

Image source: mrssteff

#27 My Mom Found My Old Elementary School Photo The Other Day

Image source: JaysonChrist

I just remember my mom was mad because they didn’t let me do a retake.

#28 Best Yearbook Picture Ever. Apparently The School Sees No Future For This One

Image source: mgmitchellart

#29 My Original 3rd Grade School Photo (Left). Mom Demanded A Retake (Right) With The Instructions “Smile! Show Some Teeth!” Note Which One Got Framed, And The Caption On The Envelope

Image source: reddit.com

#30 Note To Self: Don’t Let Your Kid Wear Green On Picture Day

Image source: laurenjuliaanderson

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