30 Clever Kids That Surprised Us With Their Creativity

Published 5 years ago

Kids are weird creatures – one minute they’re trying to figure out how many crayons they can fit up their nose, and the other they’re surprising us with their wit.

Proud parents are sharing the times their kids surprised them with their creativity and we’re sure you’ll be surprised too. From unexpected philosophical advice to hilarious humor, check out the clever kids whose creativity will take them far in life in the gallery below!

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#1 Dream Big, Dr. King

Image source: PivotalPixel

#2 Since My Niece Could Write Her Name, We Have Been Mailing Each Other Letters. We Have Both Been Pretty Busy And Haven’t Sent Or Received In A While, But Just Got This Today And This Kid Cracks Me Up

Image source: InfoSecPeezy

#3 My Kid Is Sharp…

Image source: Shock_and_Awwwwww

#4 Chris Is Ambitious

#5 Kid Opposes Trump’s Policies; Just Wants To Netflix And Chill

Image source: shit-n-water

#6 Stand Up For What You Believe In

Image source: IEATASS69

#7 Ambitious Kid Here

Image source: tvsaurus

#8 My Friend Found This On The Floor Of Her 8th Grade Classrom

Image source: imgur.com

#9 Albert Is Going Places

Image source: mandal0re

#10 My Old School Asked Kids In Preschool What They Wanted To Be When They Grew Up

Image source: AstroCat16

#11 Wife Asked Students To List Life Goals. This Kid Has Things Figured Out!

Image source: reddit.com

#12 This Little Girl Has Her Priorities Straight

Image source: reddit.com

#13 A Child Left This Note In A Hotel Room I Cleaned Today. Pretty Solid Advice

Image source: RockabillyRich

#14 Kids In Cleveland These Days…

Image source: blue_barracudas

#15 Neighbor Kid Put This Letter In My Mailbox, I’m Tempted To Do It

Image source: onlyonebowman

#16 Some Children Give Me Hope For The Future

Image source: scrambledbrain

#17 My Three Year Old Daughter Had Her Teacher Write Me A Letter. Not Sure What She’s Trying To Say

Image source: taraboom

#18 I Am A Lawyer, My Son Told Me He Had To Tell Me Something, But First Wanted Me To Sign This

Image source: nileyp

#19 4 Star Resort In The Heart Of South Beach. Kid Has His Priorities Straight

Image source: Top4King

#20 As A Kid, I Had My Priorities Straight

Image source: serenity87

#21 So My Kid Has Now Realized The Full Potential Of The Little Recliner We Got Him

Image source: _timmie_

#22 My Wife Is A Teacher And Sent Me This

Image source: toxicbanana

#23 This Little Guy Has Life Figured Out

Image source: ukiedookie

#24 My Sister Asked Her 3rd Graders Their Priorities For The Year

Image source: OttoVonBikeSmart

#25 My 5 Year Old Nephew’s List Of His Favorite Vegetables. Kid Has His Priorities Straight

Image source: KrisCMS

#26 My Nephew Graduated Kindergarten Today. He’s Got Big Dreams

Image source: SonOfABasketWeaver

#27 This Kid Knows What’s Up

Image source: BentleyMcBatman

#28 My 8 Year Old Nephew’s Homework Assignment. Priorities In Line?

Image source: michellekt

#29 Apparently My Daughter Is Going To Be A Homeless Cavewoman When She Grows Up

Image source: tangerine264

#30 Nice To Know 13 Year Old Me Had His Priorities Straight

Image source: HowDoIWorkThisSite

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