20 Times People’s Brains Shut Down Resulting In Funny And Messed-Up Situations

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes, we zone out so much that we have no idea what’s going on in our immediate environment – what other people are saying, where we are, what our own hands or feet are doing! Yup, we are talking that sort of zoning out where your brain goes on autopilot and makes your body do weird things.

This Ask Reddit thread has quite a lot of examples of what we are discussing here. So, let’s dive into the mysterious workings of our brain and read some hilarious stories about people doing funny and bizarre things without consciously being aware of them.

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I ordered a meatlong football from subway. I then got upset when the dude had no idea what I wanted.

Then we both laughed.

Image source: SalletFriend, Mike Mozart


Loaded up my toothbrush with toothpaste and proceeded to brush my hair with it instead of my teeth

Image source: em_hoo, AisforAmy91


Someone knocked on the bathroom stall door to check if it was available. I said come in.

Image source: IAmMrsnowballs, Ben Schumin


Had a pet rat out roaming with me while I made some toast. cleaned up, put the rat in the fridge and didn’t realise until I put the butter in the cage that *oh s**t*

Went to reclaim the rat, she was all “F**k off, the food box is MINE now”. Already gotten into the ham.

Image source: Taleya, Don DeBold


Pulled into my complex, walked up the stairs, my keys wouldn’t open the door and then I realized it had been seven years since I had lived there.

Image source: anon, kleuske


I used to work at the airport while in college, and one day I went to get groceries and drove 30 mins to the airport instead.

Image source: Protodeus, ERIC SALARD


I used to work in a call center and would answer my personal phone with my call center speech.

Image source: CXDFlames, Fairfax County


Lose my phone in my hand while in the middle of a call.

Image source: Thehelpfulshadow, Rawpixel Ltd


Put my phone in the fridge to “charge”

Image source: Cactus_octopus, Richard Kelland


I cared for a horse for several years.

First thing in the morning I would go put feed and water in the field, lead her out, and close the fence behind her.

One morning as I’m walking back into my house, I hear a weird sound behind me. The sound of hooves on linoleum.

She looked as surprised as I was that I had brought her into my kitchen. Luckily, she never told anyone so my secret is still safe.

Image source: anon, Hans Splinter


Was at my fiances house for dinner. Had to leave early. Was in a rush. Kissed her dad on the way out.

Image source: ferretR*pe, May Gauthier


I tried to put a pacifier in my mother’s mouth as opposed to infant she was holding. The best part is that she was nagging the hell out of me.

Image source: Msshadow, pfly


I drove a city bus in college. My route and my commute home had a road that overlapped. Driving home from work one night I ended up doing my bus route instead of my commute home and didn’t realize it until I ended up in the bus terminal at the end of the line. I guess it was better than driving into my apartment complex with the city bus.

Image source: JetDrew, grassrootsgroundswell


Poured orange juice instead of milk into my cereal, put the bowl of cereal into the fridge, walked back to the table with nothing wondering where the f**k I put my cereal.

Image source: Aurora320, mroach


Cleaning up my face with electric clippers. Thought, “Oh, missed a spot.” and proceeded to shave off my f*****g eyebrow.

Image source: hotmaleescort, Mr.TinMD


Meeting my brother’s in-laws for the first time. They asked me what my name was. I said “Pete”. My name is Tiffani.

Image source: tiffaniac, jeanbaptisteparis


I sleepwalk once in a while. Recently I got up at 2am and fed the dog. My girlfriend woke up and was like “wtf, did you just feed the dog? What time is it?”

Apparently I looked her in the eye and said “everyone loves a midnight snack.”

Image source: anon, Marco Verch


Spent ages cooking dinner only to pick the plate up and empty it straight into the bin. I was so tired and hungry, I cried

Image source: jefferlewpew, Joegoaukfishcurry2


Someone knocked at my door and i knocked back…

Image source: anon, Tim Green


Accidentally put my phone in the toaster.
Figured it out when I noticed that I was tapping on a piece of bread.

Image source: vanzgalla, flrnt

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