35 Of The Funniest Nosey Pet Pics Shared On This Viral TikTok

Published 2 months ago

Keeping a watchful eye on our neighbourhoods is something many of us prioritize. This can take various forms: from setting up security cameras to stay alert to any visitors at the front door, to staying connected with neighbours while away on vacation. For some, it’s as simple as having a furry companion by their side.

Pets, particularly dogs and cats, seem to have a natural affinity for surveying their surroundings. Recently, TikTokers have been sharing endearing photos of their pets displaying their nosy tendencies while peering out windows. Below, we’ve compiled a collection of some of the most amusing snapshots. Take a moment to enjoy these adorable pictures of animals showcasing their surveillance skills – they might just give CCTV cameras a run for their money!

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Image source: animals.and.co7


Image source: nbamontanna2.0


Image source: cornygorl3

TheElderNom (edited): They look like the stereotype of nosey old ladies spying on the neighbours.


Image source: prettygyalmani_


Image source: natasharyall

Chan Sue Lynn: That is a very big dog.


Image source: chloeg133


Image source: myownsummvr


Image source: eleonoresgtt


Image source: jckortz23


Image source: hannacurry02


Image source: hncochran97

Adrian: Lots of destroyed blinds in this thread, LOL!


Image source: berkhorsley15


Image source: kebabstaffik


Image source: chelseyy.maee


Image source: jewelpadilla26


Image source: slimjadey0


Image source: makeupbykes


Image source: yefoof


Image source: prettygirlanii


Image source: miffyandkato


Image source: michelagnela


Image source: 22melina22


Image source: milanaanticcc


Image source: kaitlynhmarie


Image source: dbgailll

Full of Giggles: Dat booty tho!


Image source: em.brown2.0

Chan Sue Lynn: Does the owner has screen door or the cat can actually fly?


Image source: laciarmes


Image source: yules_


Image source: helululu


Image source: sagethecanecorso

Me. Just Me.: Arms crossed, leaning on the sill, silently judging all who pass by.


Image source: instantcats


Image source: paigermarquez


Image source: chunkytunaaa


Image source: tonymoreau6

nomnomborkbork: I’m beginning to think that cat and dog owners should have draperies, not blinds.


Image source: luvcan.can

ShaZam: Wow … that’s a way to stabilize yourself from falling off 🙄

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