Nurse Shares 11 Stories About The Craziest And Funniest Patients She Had

Published 5 years ago

It’s pretty surprising how many people think that nurses do nothing but bring patients an occasional pill and drink coffee all day when in reality it is they who make sure the patients are comfortable and don’t die after their operations. It’s the nurses, not the doctors, who spend the most time with patients so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of them meet all sorts of crazy people during their day.

One British nurse, going by GoddessBadger on Imgur, decided to share some of her craziest and funniest patient stories and they’ll make you appreciate what nurses have to go through every day even more. From racists and drunks to hilariously confused people – check out the crazy patient stories in the gallery below!

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Image source: GoddessBadger

“We, of course, explain to her that cola is not an appropriate food to be giving to her child.”


Image source: GoddessBadger


Image source: GoddessBadger

“Truly amazing how much this gets thrown at us NHS nurses when somebody can’t get their own way… Do they not realise that we pay taxes too?”


Image source: GoddessBadger


Image source: GoddessBadger

“She was at LEAST 80 years old”


Image source: GoddessBadger


Image source: GoddessBadger

“Racism is surprisingly common. I am British but not white so I face a lot of these comments. Sometimes I can be on an entire shift without a white British staff member…

If you’re a racist, I have one thing to say to you… ‘Grow the f**k up.'”


Image source: GoddessBadger

“We end up giving them an IV instead since they were adamant they didn’t want a suppository.”


Image source: GoddessBadger

“After much deliberation and a look through their medical records, we realised they meant “Sickle Cell” as in anemia.”


Image source: GoddessBadger

“This was truly one of the most bizarre excuses I’ve ever heard for a dildo stuck up the butt. This patient insisted that he was minding his own business, running as he normally does in the morning when a dildo wielding assailant appeared and started chasing after him. He claimed he tripped and that’s when our mysterious dildo man inserted the toy… Did we believe him… No… and they never caught the dildo wielding man.”


Image source: GoddessBadger

“These types end up in the ED often and often they just need to go home and sleep it off. Discharge is often queried with “How am I supposed to get home?!” Why is that my problem? The Ambulance Service is not your personal taxi service.”

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