35 Of The Funniest “Ancient Memez” For Classical Paintings, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 10 months ago

In the world of social media, humor knows no bounds, and art is no exception. Instagram, with its diverse array of meme accounts, has become a treasure trove of laughter for people from all walks of life.

Among these accounts, “Ancient Memez” stands out as a unique gem, delighting art enthusiasts and meme lovers alike with a collection of clever and hilarious painting memes. Check out some of the most hilarious and clever painting memes in the gallery below.

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Image source: ancient_memez

TheOneAndOnlyMarina : “My sleep paralysis demon in a nutshell”

Maggie : “They tried to ‘humaneyes’ the horse.”

Alexia : “That horse has seen things.”


Image source: ancient_memez

Pollywog : “Thi-!!”

Timbob : “No, he’s right. Women think, “Why use two or three words, when 30 will do”? Ask a man a question that requires a yes or no answer, and that’s what you get. Ask a woman, and you get the whole thought process that led to a yes or no.”

Gimme that Cash : “I think I just bust my gut by laughing.”


Image source: ancient_memez

Roger9er : “But he has a booger!”


Image source: ancient_memez

Julian Slate : “Reading this meme in its entirety really put me in a weird headspace”

Audra : “I need some of whatever he’s smoking!!!”


Image source: ancient_memez

Pollywog : “So many people owe me damns!!!!”


Image source: ancient_memez

Grain of salt included : “When you take a nap and it’s day, wake up and it’s dark like” Whose the president?..””


Image source: ancient_memez

PlatinumThe8-BitCat : “Is that a table napkin on her head?”

Hanna Doraisingh : “The original is by Carl Bloch and it’s called “In a Roman Osteria”. It’s so weird though because the person in the back left isn’t original and was edited. For what purpose? Beats me ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

Squawkleo : “Even the cat is pissed off.”


Image source: ancient_memez

The Original Bruno : “Still way less creepy than “Cats.””

David : “Is bottom left using a cat as a divining rod?”


Image source: ancient_memez

Undercover : “Perfect introvert fashion! 😁👍”

Apple Jakes : “I like it. They look like they’re about to go streaking.”


Image source: ancient_memez

PlatinumThe8-BitCat : “That’s what I think about compliments”


Image source: ancient_memez

TheAmericanAmerican : “Priorities! Princess Fluffybottom always comes first!”

Jrog : “Artwork by Tetsuya Noguchi, made in 2014. “Warrior takes an armored cat for a walk”. The guy is super-fun, he invented the “Samurai Surrealism” school of art, with classical japanese themes and imagery mixed with contemporary or whimsical elements.”


Image source: ancient_memez

Phoebe Bean : “even my dog gives me that look”


Image source: ancient_memez

Corvus : “The guy kinda looks like Freddy Mercury, doesn’t he?”


Image source: ancient_memez

Agfox : ” Sleep Demon work is unionised, time to take that paid leave”


Image source: ancient_memez

Jrdiver : “Just be glad it’s the front half… Some other poor sucker got stuck with the back half.”


Image source: ancient_memez

Phoebe Bean : “…. and thinking I´m coool”


Image source: ancient_memez

vogonpoet : “My brother, bless his beardy 6 foot self, used to scream that someone (usually me) hit him. I never did. However, I did attempt to beat up his bullies and protect him with all my might.”

Brendan : “Jokes aside, this painting is incredible. The horror in his eyes!”

Stephanie A Mutti : “This is so universally true. It’s accompanied by either “you’re ok, you’re ok, you’re ok.etc” or “i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry etc””


Image source: ancient_memez

Phoebe Bean : “But moooommmm!”


Image source: ancient_memez

Phoebe Bean : “So, it well could be any age…”


Image source: ancient_memez

Julian Slate : “Kinda makes me wonder what the drugs of those days were like”


Image source: ancient_memez

David : “This one is still one of my favorites.”

Lotekguy : “Trying to communicate with the lives of their own nine that they’ve already used up.”


Image source: ancient_memez

Julian Slate : “This is so accurate”

Passerby : “The office chair that can lean back further than you thought.”


Image source: ancient_memez

JJ Kim : “why look like putin”


Image source: ancient_memez

Noa S : ““Okra Smugglers” by contemporary Polish/American artist Henryk Fantazos”


Image source: ancient_memez

Issy Ahrens : “#relatable- I mean what? did you guys just hear anything, because I certainly didn’t.”

David : “When the five of you want to go to the theatre but you can only afford one ticket and then one your friends says they have an idea.”


Image source: ancient_memez

Mark : “krampus, my boy!”

A B C the Third : “I love how the boy in the back is like “hee, Franz, wartet auf mich!” and the rightmost kid in the bucket is like “okay byyyyeeeee we’re going on an adventuuuuure!” :D”

Katy McMouse : “Are we sure it was an accident?…”


Image source: ancient_memez

GoGoPDX : “Ah yes. In saving the spider you prove your worthiness as a friend to the apex predators of the forrest and they gather to welcome you to their powerful ranks. You have the mighty bear, the lethal owl, prowling wolves, a clever yet deadly fox, a destructivly dangerous boar, and …..2 fluffy bunnies!”

Benita Valdez : “Spiders are friends; they eat all the annoying bugs. I allow the ceiling spiders to stay but the lower level ones must be rehomed for their own safety because of my dogs”


Image source: ancient_memez

Bridgitte Booth : “And I thought mine was eclectic! 😀”


Image source: ancient_memez

Julian Slate : “Well, time to book my trip to Hell UwU”


Image source: ancient_memez

Zedrapazia : “I like the ragged, tired Jesus on the bottom left: “He’s still staring at me after 6 hours, doesn’t he …?””


Image source: ancient_memez

Mavis : “Everyone living in the moment…..except for that one guy without a head.”


Image source: ancient_memez

PlatinumThe8-BitCat : “Judgmental horse”


Image source: ancient_memez

BookFanatic : “Yes! Of course, there was the “guide dog in training” at work who ditched his owner, stuck his nose in every garbage can, and propped his paws on the desk to give us a thorough greeting. I loved it, the poor human at the other end of the leash was mortified.”


Image source: ancient_memez

Thomas Grant : “Last Tuesday. Baba Yaga. She makes a pretty good Beef Stroganoff.”


Image source: ancient_memez

Bear Hall : “Get me Michelangelo and I’ll have my whole body tattooed. Otherwise get lost.”

Jessica Jones : “My body is a Catholic temple, beautifully decorated and full of wine and bread.”

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