30 Times People Took Photos And They Ended Up Looking Like Renaissance Paintings

Published 4 years ago

Bulky cameras, lenses, film, and SD cards are slowly becoming a thing of the past since nowadays almost all of us have a smartphone in our pockets that we use to snap numerous pictures every day without really thinking about it. And while many of them are nothing more than snapshots of homework or cats that we spotted on the street, sometimes we end up accidentally producing pictures that would make any renaissance artist’s jaw drop in awe.

People over at the r/AccidentalRenaissance subreddit are sharing examples of the oil painting-like photos they’ve accidentally captured, and some of them look like they’re taken straight out of the Louvre. Check out some amazing examples of “accidental renaissance” in the gallery below!

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#1 Our Cat Trying To Steal Cheese

Image source: Openminded_skeptic

#2 Hope

Image source: throne_johne

#3 Blinky In The Sun. Our Pupper Passed Away This Morning. I Always Thought This iPhone Photo Of Him Looked Like A Painting

Image source: awheelz84

#4 A Caring Matriarch

Image source: shy-latte

#5 The Modern Mona Lisa

Image source: daft-punker

#6 Accidentally Took A Picture Of My Cat That Looks Like An Old Master’s Painting

Image source: hueftenspeck

#7 Oranges Photographed Through The Glass Panes Of A Greenhouse

Image source: mikeleus

#8 Renaissance Chickens

Image source: rattechnology

#9 The Coffee Shop Window

Image source: KingofHarts32

#10 The Selfie

Image source: reddit.com

#11 Feline Friendship

Image source: crazy_turtle

#12 A Feast In The Capital City

Image source: median401k

#13 The Creation Of Internets

Image source: Plastic_Mouldsman

#14 We’ll Be Home Soon

Image source: kartofun69

#15 Japanese Opposition Members Trying To Block The Passing Of New Immigration Laws

Image source: berryjam

#16 A Monk In Italy. (Photographer: Steve Mccurry)

Image source: santino_jann

#17 13th Attempt To Break The Gaza Blockade By Sea

Image source: radonchong

#18 Snapped This Moment During My 12 Day – 110 Mile (800 Head Of Cattle) Drive From Utah To Arizona

Image source: crazyoldmaurice

#19 Firefighters Taking A Break Out West

Image source: Rat_Cat_Batman

#20 This Lady Peeling Pomegranates

Image source: jacobyh7

#21 A Little Girl Carrying A Lamb To Shelter From Falling Ash During Iceland’s 2010 Volcanic Eruption

Image source: takemedady

#22 These Musicians In A Restaurant In Greece

Image source: WeeShirtOn

#23 Supper At Home

Image source: watsin_aname

#24 Reflect

Image source: Bozhark

#25 The Horsemen

Image source: laceandhoney

#26 Concert Selfie

Image source: ironypatrol

#27 Power From On High: Two Weed Farming Nuns

Image source: alterego_001

#28 The First Batch (The Bakehouse In Vancouver)

Image source: DyslexicSquirrel

#29 Mr. Fluffies Betrayal

Image source: Mustbetheweather3

#30 Brokering Of The Candy

Image source: reddit.com

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