35 Weird And Funny Cats That Made Their Owners Ask What’s Wrong With Them

Published 2 weeks ago

In the vast and varied world of the internet, few things bring as much joy as the antics of our furry feline friends. From their curious quirks to their unpredictable behavior, cats never fail to entertain and amuse. Enter the “What’s Wrong With Your Cat” subreddit, a virtual haven for cat lovers and humor enthusiasts alike.

In this whimsical corner of cyberspace, users share photos and videos capturing their cats in moments of sheer absurdity, affectionately dubbed as “malfunctions.” Let’s take a peek into this delightful online community and explore some of its most hilarious offerings.

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#1 Winston Is Popping In To Say Hi

Image source: mycatsagirl

#2 My Pretty Girl Just Turned 16

Image source: nibsitaas

#3 I’m Just Going To Chomp Hard On This Cactus

Image source: helno

#4 Roomba No Worky

Image source: SylviaTheFlorist

#5 Seriously Dan? You Can’t Turn On The TV?

Image source: catcurio

#6 Grace Loves Lying On Her Back. She Just Never Seems To Know What To Do With Her Legs

Image source: igneus

#7 Yes, Tell Me What’s The Matter

Image source: catcurio

#8 An Exhausted Mother And Her Weird Children

Image source: xxMaridxx

#9 Someone Decided That Winter Sucks And Now Lives 24/7 Under The Radiator. Reasonable

Image source: No_Leopard_3860

#10 Relatable (Friend Posted On Twitter)

Image source: EndLocal3356

#11 Sleeping Beauty ?

Image source: Spirited_Tomorrow169

#12 I’m Worried About Him Sometimes

Image source: ZwoeleBeer

#13 My Couch Keeps Attacking Me

Image source: trashabilly

#14 There Was No Catnip Used In The Making Of This Image

Image source: teroimatai

#15 My Friend’s Cat Might Have A Problem

Image source: yeehawings

#16 She Turns Into This Thing When I Make The Bed And Viciously Attacks My Hair When I Try To Tuck In The Sheets. Yep, She’s Looking At My Hair In This Pic Lol

Image source: sweet-lovely-death

#17 He Worked His Way Under The Basket Handles To Lay On An Uncomfortable Pile Of Stuff

Image source: nakedwithoutmyhoodie

#18 Shoulder Cat

Image source: Silojm

#19 My Void Always Sits Like This, He Thinks He’s People…

Image source: Deboonsit

#20 That Tongue Lol

Image source: ddrewerr710

#21 Hi, I’m Anfisa And I Feel So Comfortable!

Image source: rimakan

#22 Common Orange Cat Symptoms

Image source: ButterflyStroke

#23 Enjoy My Lemur Cat

Image source: dnicelee

#24 Emulating How She Sees The Humans Sit On The Sofa

Image source: JMP0492

#25 Stepped Out Of The Shower To This ??‍♀️

Image source: -ShootTheMoon-

#26 Looks Like A Demon From A Renaissance Painting

Image source: [deleted]

#27 Sentient Dryer Lint

Image source: Brilliant_War4087

#28 Just Chilling On This Quiet Night

Image source: Gyanne

#29 First Time He Saw Himself In The Mirror

Image source: EmlJnke

#30 My Child Has An Obsession With Strawberries And Strawberry-Flavored Things For Some Reason

Image source: lonely-blue-sheep

#31 My Kitten Helping With The Giant Christmas Crossword

Image source: oystercatcher84

#32 Out Of A Whole House, This Is Fo’s Bed

Image source: Brickzarina

#33 One Of His Favorite Ways To Sleep

Image source: blackdragon252003

#34 Dude What Is Wrong With My Cat?

Image source: Drinzara

#35 Reggie Cranks Up The Adorable Factor Until No One Can Resist Giving His Fluffy Tumtum Some Quality Rubs

Image source: KingSofaOfTheSlugs

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Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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