20 Times People Took Creative And Funny Pictures To Sell Their Mirrors

Published 2 years ago

When planning to sell something online, clicking good photographs of the product is important. Some people get creative and use their humor and imagination to make their pictures stand out from others and woo some buyers. However, some folks just have to stand in front of their product with a cloth on their head to make things funny and interesting.

If you have ever seen any ads for mirrors online, you probably know what I’m talking about. When it comes to selling mirrors, it’s difficult to take a photo without showing the reflection of things or people that are in front of the mirror. This scenario gives rise to some intentional and unintentional comical pictures. The subreddit r/Mirrorsforsale is dedicated to those funny photos of mirrors that end up online for sale. Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Tweedledum & Tweedledee

Image source: cothhum

#2 Not Haunted, I Swear

Image source: SellingAMirror

#3 This Facebook Marketplace Photo Looks Like An Art Piece To Me

Image source: irregularcontributor

#4 Big Wood

Image source: stretch2323

#5 What Even

Image source: Unitron333

#6 Very Interesting Way Of Staying Anonymous

Image source: jonnatje

#7 Spooky Mirror

Image source: Mr_Savage_Cabbage

#8 Oh Seattle

Image source: Jackjackhughesa123

#9 First One I Have Found In The Wild

Image source: redeyepenguin

#10 As A Horse Girl, This Is A Very Tempting Sale

Image source: maiege

#11 Caught One In The Wild

Image source: deekaph

#12 Just Saw This On Facebook Marketplace

Image source: SleepySniper45

#13 Look At This… What?

Image source: TwoPlusLuc

#14 The Void

Image source: Marble_Turret

#15 Possibly You

Image source: heyhigello

#16 Wholesome Sale

Image source: wmmason

#17 A Very Handsome Salesman

Image source: dickholejohnny

#18 Seller Says, “Goofy Child Not Included.” Found On Facebook

Image source: LilSis279

#19 The Best Way To Advertise

Image source: gunchaa_

#20 Found This Beauty This Morning

Image source: rugbyleather

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