This Online Group Shares Funny Pics Of Cats Fitting Into Weird And Tiny Spaces (20 Pics)

Published 1 year ago

You might have heard the saying that “Cats are liquid”. If you own a cat, you probably know the reason why they say so. Cats follow one simple rule- “If I fits, I sits”. And they really do. These felines can be found chilling at the most random places.

If you are familiar with cat behavior, then you probably know how to catch them too. They love to sit in boxes, they are not so fond of their own bed but they might be found in a laundry basket. “The Cat Trap Is Working” is a subreddit where the owners share hilarious techniques they use to trap their cats in one place. Scroll below to see some of their funniest posts. And if you want to see more such pics, check out our previous post here.

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#1 Mochi Loves To Trap Herself In The Wastebin And Will Happily Stay Put

Image source: juicypoops

#2 Back Off Sharon! This Is Gary’s Cat Trap!

Image source: Ksilverstar25

#3 Prison Overcrowding Is Ridiculous

Image source: DexterCutie

#4 He Used The Full Power Of His One Brain Cell To Sit In The Special Box

Image source: DaisyRa1n

#5 I Bought Some Snacks And I Found This

Image source: —-entropy—-

#6 Caught A Floof Using Only A Standard Clothes Hanger

Image source: whatfredsaid

#7 Kitty, This Is Not A Good Idea

Image source: OonaMistwalker

#8 There’s No Keeping This One Off The Counter So We Placed A Decoy Box To Lure Him In

Image source: Ranolden

#9 Been Working On A Puzzle And Just Finished The Border…. Guess It Also Functions As A Cat Trap ??‍♂️

Image source: jaymi321

#10 The Power Of The Sun

Image source: ForestReverie

#11 Hmmm, It Appears That Rectangular Traps Lure Standard Issue Cats, And Square Traps Lure Tuxedos! You’re Welcome! :d

Image source: Im_Asia

#12 New Year’s Eve Party In A Box

Image source: spammy711

#13 Trap Queen

Image source: Educational_Net_8943

#14 I’m Out Of Ideas

Image source: tarter_sauce12

#15 Appropriately Labeled Trap

Image source: tikitessie

#16 The Face Says It All

Image source: emmashawn

#17 This Meal Prepping Stuff Is Easy

Image source: ChiliSwap

#18 More Old Pics Of My Old Gentleman Isaac Politely Allowing Himself To Be Trapped

Image source: pocket-sauce

#19 Chairs/Stools Work As A Combo Trap & Jail

Image source: SeaLass34

#20 16 Weeks Old And Trapped Already!

Image source: thorisabore

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