40 Unusual Yet Amusing Pics Shared On The ‘Funny Pics’ Community

Published 5 months ago

When the day is getting you down or when life feels like a drag the best remedy is humour. Indeed according to research, humour is known to spark energy, boost brain power, improve immunity, curb stress, and enhance one’s mood. 

One subreddit by the name of ‘Funny Pics‘ aims to do all of the above with its hilarious collection of witty posts, funny jokes, clever emails and other exchanges that will no doubt amuse and entertain you to no end too. 

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#1 The Artist Has Done A “Runner”

Image source: anon

Lunar Rat: I’m sorry, but that is hilarious 😂

#2 A Sad Fact

Image source: anon

#3 Party Animal

Image source: anon

Amy: If we find all the places this dog isn’t allowed, maybe we can find this awesome pooch through process of elimination and be friends with them.

#4 Avocados

Image source: anon

WindySwede: If you put it in soil, a present will grow out of it….!

#5 My Drawing Wasn’t So Bad

Image source: anon

#6 Harry Potter Honesty

Image source: anon

#7 Over The Moon

Image source: foxystoat69

#8 #guilty ?

Image source: AdditionalWorry3132

#9 Yep, That Looks About Right

Image source: anon

Mark: Perfect

#10 Rip Brenda

Image source: trailer8k

#11 I Before E Except

Image source: foxystoat69

#12 MTV

Image source: malestatestanding

#13 Christmas All Wrapped Up

Image source: foxystoat69

#14 At First Glance I Really Thought That This Woman Was One Of The Muppets

Image source: anon

#15 This Awesome Teacup

Image source: Smelvidar

I’ll have a treble thanks.: I want this!

#16 Need Help With My Tomatoes

Image source: anon

#17 Costume Fail

Image source: groomleader, SierraEJackson

Perpetual Wedgie: If looks could kill, she’d be shredding him a new crouton.

#18 USA Math Team Olympiad Beats China For The First Time In 20 Years

Image source: BobBreak

Mark: I used the stones to destroy the stones

#19 Paid Leave Request

Image source: MichaelDxb

WindySwede: HR in a matchstick box?

#20 Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooof

Image source: AtlanticCow16

#21 It’s So True, It Hurts

Image source: foxystoat69

XenoMurph: Turn left

#22 Truth

Image source: foxystoat69

Papa: I’ve seen this picture in a number of memes, but this is the best one so far.

#23 She Salty

Image source: malestatestanding, rayy_baybay

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: To be fair, the sealion is cute.

#24 How To Confuse The Machine Learning

Image source: dmaksimenka


#25 Gordon Ramsay Roasting On Tweeter

Image source: cdistefa

Owen: Gordon Ramsey is my spirit animal

#26 Cat Looks At Groceries

Image source: malestatestanding, roobeekeane

Francis: the strongest bond on earth is between a dad who didn’t want the pet and said pet :)

#27 I Laughed Way More Than I Should’ve

Image source: SjSports

#28 I Can Relate To This

Image source: anon

Papa: This reminds me of the helpful hint for cooking kale. “When cooking kale, always put a little oil in the pan. That makes it much easier to scrape it into the garbage.”

#29 Dad’s Everywhere

Image source: foxystoat69

#30 I Aspire To Be

Image source: Ok-Kaleidoscope7347

#31 Never Skip Leg Day

Image source: malestatestanding

Virgil Blue: I couldn’t have fur, so I got muscles instead.

#32 The Book Works

Image source: TheMightyTRex

#33 Sometimes Words Is All It Takes

Image source: anon

#34 Good Point

Image source: malestatestanding

#35 Not My Pic, Op Unknown

Image source: Vicium_Mehemii

#36 He’s Not Wrong!

Image source: itsyourfavoritedj

Nonna_SoF: It’s expensive and bad for the environment.

#37 I Couldnt Believe My Eyes

Image source: anon

Tiramisu: Or is it people who twerk at babies?

#38 Just No Pleasing Some People

Image source: anon

#39 If 2020 Was A Scented Candle

Image source: foxystoat69

#40 #accurate

Image source: malestatestanding

LightYagami: I NEED A SIDE CAT!


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