20 Times Wedding-Related Things Were Shamed In This Online Group

Published 3 years ago

Weddings are supposed to be fun and it’s meant to make people happy. However, more often than not, it becomes a whole mess of family dramas, bridezillas, and weird relative tantrums. Still, this tradition goes on!

Some people manage it quite well but many fail at planning weddings or making other wedding-related decisions. A subreddit called “r/WeddingShaming” is an online community that shames every horrible wedding-related thing they come across. Scroll below to witness some of the craziest wedding-related posts shared in this online group..

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#1 I’d Be Tripping All The Way Down The Aisle!

Image source: kellymt316

#2 Came Across This On My Feed. Really Not Sure If It’s A Joke Or Not But Felt It Fit Here

Image source: tylerdaichi

#3 Indoor Fireworks Before First Dance

Image source: movingtocincinnati

#4 Couldn’t Have Chosen Any Other Day?

Image source: summerboothang

#5 Fake Unsuccessful Wedding Shaming. Technically Not A Wedding But

Image source: ladylaiana

#6 My Cousin Sent This Along With Her Wedding Invitations… I Will Not Be In Attendance

Image source: ScaredNapkin

#7 And They Say Romance Is Dead

Image source: Desoxiribonuclein

#8 My Friend Went To A Wedding Where They Had A Guy Handing Out Martini Olives In A Bathtub Full Of Olives

Image source: devmikale

#9 I Paid For The First Slice After It Was Announced On The Day We’d Be Helping To Pay For Their Cake!! Apparently Didn’t Count For The Second

Image source: Unlucky_Low_6254

#10 Shame On That Couple! Don’t Do An Uberpool On Your Wedding Day

Image source: goldenboy2191

#11 The Groom’s Idea Of Dressing For The Occasion

Image source: margnaheglish

#12 Plantation Weddings Were Contentious Enough Already

Image source:  kinda_questionable

#13 Cringe Cake Topper, Not To Mention The Fondant

Image source:  amysmithers

#14 Some “Interesting” Guest Fashion Here

Image source: polong

#15 Umm… It’s A No From Me… Serial Killer Themed Center Pieces For Halloween Wedding

Image source: Sulleys_monkey

#16 “Without Sounding Like I’m Expecting Something?”

Image source: notsosure21

#17 The Father Of The Bride Couldn’t Find Anything Nicer To Wear For Their Special Dance

Image source: cold_toast

#18 Animal Abuse! What A Nice Way To Celebrate Love!

Image source: sunshine320159

#19 Couple Cancels On Photographer Within 90 Days Due To Photographer’s Facebook

Image source: bikebuyer

#20 I Went To A Wedding Where The Bride And Groom Hated Vegetarians

Image source: peedidhe

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