20 Most Cringeworthy Things People Encountered At Weddings

Published 2 years ago

Weddings are amazing but they require a lot of planning, financial resources, and effort. Not everyone can handle all that pressure well and throw the best wedding party.

Some weddings are not as successful as everyone wants them to be, some even turn out to be so bad that they end up being on Wedding Shaming subreddit. From bridezilla stories or horrible guests, just scroll below to read the worst wedding fails shared by the online community.

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#1 Mother In Law And Sister In Law Wore White

Image source: reddit.com

#2 With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies

Image source: spookysadghoul

#3 Wedding Shaming, The Dear Prudence Edition

Image source: Constant-Program85

#4 It Truly Is Funny How Being A Part Of Someone’s Bridesmaids Or Being The Maid Of Honor Is No Longer Chosen By How Close You Are To The Bride But By How Well You Fit Her Aesthetic

Image source: zioraife

#5 From A Wedding Group I’m In. People In The Comments Were Ragging On The Step Mum’s Choice Of Shoes

Image source: apejsnfhre

#6 Please Be Considerate About Peoples Choices At Your Wedding

Image source: nerdzrope

#7 Just Got This In My Email After Receiving The Invite 2 Days Ago

Image source: Similar-Vari

#8 Seen On Facebook. What Is This Kind Of Trash

Image source: mdnnnsph

#9 Check Out This Horror Of A “Mother”

Image source: targetsbots

#10 Bridesmaid/Sil From Hell From Dear Prudence

Image source: cmrc13

#11 You Want My To Cut My Hair. You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit

Image source: maybelle180

#12 Asking The Girl Your Fiancé Groomed To Be Your Photographer For Free

Image source: kaioone

#13 Too Bad, So Sad Wedding Photo Edition

Image source: Radio_Caroline79

#14 Poor Photographer.. That Said I’d Be Interested To See The Pictures That They Had To Capture While This All Went Down

Image source: Ellie_Loves_

#15 I Paid $600 And Gave Her Six Months For My Wedding Dress Hem To Look Like This

Image source: obscuridades

#16 Host A Photography Competition Instead Of Paying For A Photographer!

Image source: cooljesus69

#17 This Is Supposed To Be Cute But It’s Just Weird And Awkward


#18 Bride-To-Be Asking For Alternatives To The Garter Toss, This Was One Of The Responses

Image source: kaioone

#19 What Would Make Someone Ever Want To Take These Photos

Image source: slothlovelauren

#20 From My Cousins (The Grooms) Wedding, Of Which I Wasn’t Invited

Image source: meandwatersheep

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