20 Wedding Stories That Were Truly Unforgettable

Published 2 years ago

Weddings are one of the most special occasions in a person’s life and most people do everything to make this special day perfect. Sometimes, however, things don’t go well and wedding fails happen!

But today we are going to discuss happy and memorable wedding moments. When someone on Reddit asked, “What’s your best story from a wedding?”, many folks shared their interesting, heartwarming, and funny wedding stories that might make you smile. Scroll below to read them all.

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While she was waiting just inside the front doors of the church for the organ processional to begin, most of the bride’s extra long train was outside. (The front doors were fastened back in the “open” position on hooks.)

During the wait, a little neighborhood dog “made a bed” for himself and went soundly to sleep on her train.

No one noticed the dog sleeping on it until she was most of the way down the aisle approaching the altar.

Everyone thought it was cute – including the minister. So they let it stay, undisturbed. The little dog slept on the bride’s train until the end when the loud recessional on the church’s pipe organ awakened it.

Image source: Back2Bach, Norbert Braun


I was about 8, going to my mom’s cousin’s wedding.

And I was absolutely crushed because my sister got to be the flower girl, while I had to be there with absolutely nothing to do.

So, the bride handed me a bucket of dirt (that had presumably been holding the flowers my sister would be scattering), and said I got to be the “dirt boy”.

I did nothing aside from carry a bucket of dirt around. But I was just happy that I got to participate.

Image source: Gregamonster, i Abrar


My sister and I are both gay. We both got married to our partners in our late 40’s. Because obviously the law didn’t allow same sex marriage until 2014 in UK my partner and I were one of the first gay couples to marry in my area and my dad gave me away did a beautiful speech.

Sadly a couple years later by the time my sister got married, my dad had had a stroke that had left him paralysed and he also had dementia. On her wedding day I went to the home and helped to dress my dad got him into the wheelchair. He was really out of it. Days before he’d been excited about the wedding but he was now grumpy and He didn’t understand what was going on. As soon as my sister got to the home and he saw her in her wedding dress. He changed completely.

He said: “You look beautiful girl.” Which caused us both to cry. For that day he was more with it than he had been for years. He walked her down the aisle with me pushing him in the wheelchair he enjoyed the reception. It was such a special day for us. Few years on our dad dementia has progressed but we still have the memory of that day with him.

Image source: Horrorwriterme, John Ragai


I once saw a bride spill red wine on her gown, and without hesitating, the groom poured some on his shirt. Adorable.

Image source: SugarsBoogers, Brett L.


I’m biased because it was mine.

At our wedding my MOH and the best man gave speeches. These were planned, as is tradition. What was nit planned and a total shock to us was the best man working with my then 5 year old stepson write a speech as well.

He killed it. It was adorable and all about how he’s happy we got married, how much he loves me and how he cant wait to eat cake.

He loved the cake and still talks about it a few years later.

Image source: cheesemongrel938491, wu yi


When I was in high school, my best male friend and I had a mutual close female friend. We used to spend every Sunday with her and hang out at her house. One day she asked if we wanted to spend the night and we said “your parents are cool with that? Two guys staying with their daughter?” and she said yeah. So we started spending the night at her place from time to time. Flash forward years later, she’s getting married and she invites both of us. Neither one of us has a date so we agree to go together. At the reception her dad comes up to us, a smile beaming across his face, and he shouts our names and says, “Holy s**t, I can’t believe you guys are still together! That’s amazing. So proud of you guys for sticking it out. You were always my favorite couple.” We’re left completely stunned and confused. When our friend makes our way to us, we ask what the hell her dad was talking about and she breaks down almost into tears from how hard she is laughing. That is when she finally told us that she told her parents we were gay and a couple in high school and that is why we were allowed to stay at her house. All these years her dad was convinced we were a couple and after seeing us together at her wedding, nothing will ever change his mind.

Image source: TheHistorySword, Alvin Mahmudov


When my son got married, his betrothed stood in the front of the church with her eight year old daughter at her side. When the time came to exchange the rings, he put a ring on his future wife’s finger, then kneeled down and put a second ring on the daughter’s finger. Pure class.

Image source: perrydolia, Matheus Ferrero


My sister and I were in the weird but chill position of both preparing for and having for our weddings in the same year. I was in grad school at the time, arranging my stuff by distance—including frugally picking up wedding stuff from kijiji and Facebook wedding sales groups. One of those random things was a really beautiful wedding gown—lace-up back, lace overlay with beautiful scalloping, bell-like skirt with train, beautiful beading, just my size—I already had a dress, but something about this was special. And it was only $50! I snapped it up—maybe I would reuse the lace or something? I wasn’t really sure but I felt like I just couldn’t pass it up.

Sister and I visited hometown together at Christmas (4ish months before her wedding, and 8ish months before mine) and she was telling my mother and I about the wedding dress she’d bought. She felt lukewarm about the tea-length lace dress she’d picked up, but REALLY hated the shopping process so she kinda shrugged and said she figured there’d be no special ‘say yes to the dress’ moment for her.

My mom started drawing out details Sister’d always pictured about her future dream dress from Sister … and it slotted into place—everything she’d always wanted was in this $50 dress I’d picked up. I started describing it—and Sister got excited too. She rushed to try it as soon as we got to our mum’s house; it fit Sister perfectly (no alternations needed), and she loved it!

Best wedding gift I ever could’ve given. Hands down. (The tea-length dress became her bridal shower dress—sparing her an extra shopping trip.) I really cherish fulfilling some of her girlhood bridal dreams and helping her joy—as a bride and as a human, she deserves better than “good enough.”

Image source: LarkScarlett, mariana Fernández


So. Long time friend from uni was getting married in South Africa (she was Afrikaans and wed out there for legal reasons etc.) and nobody from his side of the wedding could make it for money reasons.

I hear from his sister in confidence he wanted to ask me to be best man but didn’t ask as I was self employed and previously mentioned money implications. Well, challenge accepted, boyo!

I conspire with his fiance who gives me her daughters number (who is maid of honour) to fly out there. So, I literally finish a contract, get a bus to London, fly from London to Kenya, Kenya to Johannesburg, train in Joberg to a random station where the maid of honour picks me up and make it to the wedding with 15 minutes to spare after 22hours of travelling.

Neat story, right? But wait. There’s more!

So remember the maid if honour I told you about? The daughter of my best friends (now) wife? Well, we hit it off. Big time.

My friends wedding was 5 years ago. Myself and that lovely maid of honour have been married for a year now.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how my best friend became my step-father in-law.

Image source: RohmanOnTwitch, Omar Lopez


I barely knew the bride, who was the daughter of my baby sitter. I didn’t know anyone from the groom’s side of the wedding party, but I noticed they were pacing and looked like the world was ending. I went an asked them what was the problem. The groom had left the wedding ring in his apartment 25 miles away, and they were ultra-religious and planned to have the rings blessed during the ceremony. They didn’t want the bride to know, so none of them could leave without being noticed missing from the ceremony. So I volunteered to take the drive through Chicago traffic, and told the groom that he had to give me his keys and exact instructions to find the ring. He trusted me. I violated a few driving laws, but I was trained to drive fire trucks and also had been a professional driver for many years. I made it back, just as the bride’s father was about to enter the sanctuary with her. I snuck the ring into his hand and whispered into his ear instructions to sneak the ring to the groom. It all worked out well. The groom told the story to the bride, hours later after the reception.

Image source: 5s-are-cool, Frederick Medina


I was a teen when my much older cousin was married. When the priest asked if anyone had an objection ( he actually asked) Goddamn if my drunk a*s Scottish uncle didn’t stand right up and tell everyone quite loudly and clearly what a bad idea it was for them to get married. The priest said it was more about if anyone knew if they were close relations. Turns out my drunk a*s uncle was right.

Image source: traptinhell, Josh Applegate


My ex told me last minute I had to cancel my plans to go to a drag show with a friend because he needed me as a plus one at his friend’s ultra conservative, very Catholic (4 hour ceremony with homophobic sermon with sit stand sit stand sit stand) wedding. It was in the same city. We went to the venue for the reception, and the drag show happened to be down the hallway. I randomly ditched to go to the show with my friend who was originally planned to spend the day with me, and the drag queens found their way down the hallway and stole some dances with the bride and groom and scared the ever living s**t out of the elderly. The bride and groom enjoyed their time. It ended up being pretty cool.

Image source: ProzacforLapis2016, Steven Damron


My ex husband stood me up for our wedding rehearsal. My brother had to stand in for the groom while we walked through the positioning and whatnot.

Of course my other brother takes a photo, posts with the comment “when your brother marries your sister #GoT”

I’ll never live that down.

Image source: koalasnstuff, Alvin Mahmudov


This will absolutely be buried but I like this story so for all 2 of you that read this, thank you. Background: My mom is the most extroverted extrovert you will ever meet. She can make a lifelong friend in a matter of hours, and it amazes me. Also about my mom she was in her early 60s at the time of this story and is overweight. Not fat shaming, just a fact. She’s also a total lush. This happened at one of my cousin’s wedding. The best man and my mom were the first 2 people on the dance floor so my mom being my mom made a new bff right away. The best man was a super good looking, fit guy in his 30s. They were not flirting or dancing suggestively in any way. It was a great wedding, one of the best ones I’ve been to. My cousin posts the pictures on Facebook and there’s a woman who’s face is blurred out in every single photo. Someone in the comments asked why this lady’s face was blurred out and my cousin replied that it was the best man’s date and she was blurred out because she threatened to kill one of the bride’s aunt’s. I ask my mom if she’s heard about this since it would be either her, her sister or sister in law. She looks shocked and says no. About five minutes later she gasps and goes, “It was me! She yelled at me in the parking lot and said she would kill me if I danced with her boyfriend again. I didn’t take her seriously though because look at me! I thought it was funny so I told Julie [her sister and the bride’s mom]. Leave it to Julie to make it dramatic.” Anyways, I guess the moral of the story is if you feel your relationship with a young good looking fit guy is threatened by a drunk overweight senior citizen, get some therapy andor dump the guy.

Image source: AlexandriaLitehouse


Last summer my BIL got married and I discovered that you were supposed to pull your mask down to drink.

For a year and a half I had been drinking through my mask in public. Just using it as a strainer, basically. No one ever said a god damn word to me.

The bride’s sister was seated at my table and she saw me dump a cup of ice on myself while I was trying to down a Shirley Temple and asked what the hell I was doing. When I explained she had to send her nephew to go get her purse because she was laughing so hard she needed her inhaler.

Why did no one say anything???

Image source: peterjuhasz, Obi – @pixel6propix


I don’t think this qualifies as my best wedding story, but it’s certainly one of my favorites after all the sh**show drunk family weddings I grew up going to. My aunt’s (eventual ex) husband showed up to a family wedding wearing overalls with kittens- yes, live kittens- stuffed down the bib of the overalls and kept requesting strictly ZZ Top songs and would stand in the middle of the dance floor holding kittens up and just nodding and smiling at people. While wearing sunglasses indoors the whole night, of course. I’ve been to some really beautiful and meaningful weddings and have witnessed some absolutely magical moments, but nothing beats a goofy drunk grown man enjoying the bajesus out of some kittens and trying to share that joy with others at a wedding. What a weirdo

Image source: FartAttack911, joesef key


I was best man at my brother’s wedding and after a day of near panic attacks I finally delivered the speech, and it was enough of a success that I finally earned that beer I’d been avoiding. When the rest of the speeches were done I headed from the top table straight out through these double doors off to the right side toward a bar I knew was there in this hotel. The only person stood in that room was the girl I ended up marrying 3 years later. Also turns out she grew up 2 doors down from my parents (where I also grew up) and we’d never met.

Image source: Strawberryjinjer, Diego Lozano


At my brothers wedding my niece was four years old and she decided after seeing my brother, my other brother (her dad and best man) do speeches she should too. She preceeded to tell everyone that when her mum and dad got married she was in her mums tummy and sometimes she wished she could crawl back up into it to take a nap.

Image source: loulabelle20, Jørgen Håland


I was an alter boy at a church when i was younger maybe 10-12! Anyway the priest was asked to come perform the ceremony and me and another alter boy came to help him out! We get there and there’s maybe an hour before the wedding starts and this woman comes in off the street into the ceremony and starts with her anti-lesbian propaganda and me and the other boy are trying to get out of the way of her and the priest, I swear, comes out of nowhere and shuts her down in 5 mins! So she starts going off on the priest about how he should be ashamed to be hosting “this kind of wedding” and how were all going to hell! Everyone is freaking out thinking the wedding is ruined! Father Don straight up picks this woman up and throws her out the big a*s doors and slams them right in her face and walks off with everyone watching like this 75 year old man didn’t just throw this lady like it was nothing! He turns to us two and says we better hurry the wedding is about to start!

I always remember that because he straight up rag dolled this lady! You’ve gotta respect Priests! He wasn’t about to have his beliefs challenged like that! Thanks for listening!

Image source: Simple-Tangerine839, Kurayba


When my best friend got married, I was one of the groomsmen. My first time in a tuxedo, lookin’ sharp.

Now, the tux I had, there were these buckles at the waistline—not like a belt buckle, as it turns out, but I had no idea what they were there for. I was hanging out with others in the wedding party, and one pointed them out:

“Hey, what are those buckles for?”

(Being a smartass) “oh, they’re to hook your thumbs in so you can look cool. Like this”

I hooked my thumbs into the buckles, which caused them to open, loosening the waist and my pants slid to the ground in full view of everyone.

Image source: Swampwolf42, Scott Webb

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