40 Funny Pics Of The Realities Of Dealing With Pregnancy

Published 7 months ago

Pregnancy is a unique journey that can be really easy for some people while for others it can be a little less breezy. Whatever you’re faced with, however, whether messy or smooth, the attitude you carry makes a world of difference to the whole experience. 

Scroll below for a heartwarming collection of pregnancy-related posts that make light of some of the more otherwise annoying aspects of this fortuitous time. While it could be a glass-half-empty kind of situation, these particular folks chose to see the glass half-full instead making for a pleasant exchange of funny yet honest observations on this blessed condition. 

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#1 I Think My Wife Forgot She Was 7 And A Half Months Pregnant When She Tried To Hide So She Could Jump Out And Scare Me

Image source: ProudNumpty

#2 This Is How We Announced Our Pregnancy To Our Friends And Family

Image source: LT_DANS_ICECREAM

#3 Made My Pregnant Girlfriend Pancakes

Image source: SmugglersCopter

#4 You Currently Have 2 Brains In Your Body, And That Doesn’t Help Either. The Struggle Is Real. After fifteen minutes of searching, I found out that I had put the car keys in precisely this place because that’s such a nice logical place.

Image source: zodoeteleonoradat

Deleila Charlie: Seeing Blue band butter makes me happy because it means it’s a Dutch picture.

#5 There’s No Medal For Giving Birth, But My Partner Made Me This

Image source: whatalittleladybug

#6 In Case Anyone Is Wondering, I Am “Walked With An Opened Tub Of Butter To The Garage And Put It On The Passenger Seat Instead Of In The Refrigerator” Weeks Pregnant

Image source: mindi_petersen

#7 My Fiance, Normally A Lean Machine, Has Experienced A Lot Of Swelling During Pregnancy. Here’s Her Foot

Image source: diphiminaids

Fussy1: I feel for this poor angel. Experienced that as well and it lasted about 6 weeks post partum after each of my 3 babes. Fun times!

#8 My Husband Made My 3rd Trimester Cake

Image source: bstargalactica

#9 My Pregnant Wife Is Practicing Swaddling On Our Dog

Image source: ludikriss

#10 Subjects Pictured Are Not Pregnant, Give Me Back My Damn Pillow

Image source: jessqjack

Mimi La Sourisnoooooo, it’s toooo snugy !

#11 My Sister Is Pregnant With Triplets

Image source: -The-Bloody-Nine-

#12 We Recently Announced Our Pregnancy. My Dad Wanted To Know How Big The Baby Was. I Told Him The Size Of A Sweet Potato. A Few Minutes Later, I Received This Picture

Image source: Amykat322

#13 The Struggle

Image source: The_Buffmeister

#14 That Moment You Pour Chicken Broth Into Your Smoothie Blender Instead Of Almond Milk. Great Way To Start Off The Morning

Image source: emilyalbernazrealtor

BookerMy wife had that same look at the end of both pregnacies. She was through with it!

#15 A Friend Needed A Pregnancy Announcement, So I Obliged

Image source: burnmongham

#16 Did I Really Just Go In Public With Two Different Shoes?

Image source: that.hotmess.witch

#17 I Called Chewy To Tell Them The Packages They Are Sending Me Are Too Heavy Because I’m Pregnant And If They Could Be Split Up. I Got This In The Mail From Them

Image source: SuperBuffTrophyWife

#18 Texting Bernard The Update After My Appointment

Image source: h8bad4m

#19 Wife Is Pregnant With First Child, Due In 58 Days, Must Practice

Image source: You_Are_A_10

#20 This Pregnant Lady’s Dinner Choice For The Past Two Weeks

Image source: LabLadyKatie

#21 My Husband’s Genius Drawing On My Baby Bump

Image source: Eeleesuh

#22 My Wife’s Pregnant Belly Makes It Look Like She’s Smuggling A Pumpkin

Image source: junkyardpig

#23 My Pregnant Wife Is Trying To Choose A Color For Our First Nursery. I Present To You My Work Of Art – “Indecision (In P Minor)”

Image source: vectaur

#24 Everyone In My Life Over Thanksgiving: You’re 29 Weeks Pregnant! Is The Nursery Done? My Nursery:

Image source: sadEngineeringTurtle

#25 My Girlfriend Is 4 Months Pregnant, And I Got This Fortune Today

Image source: Draculia_54

#26 First-Time Dad, Costco Had A Diaper Sale And Baby Not Due Yet. Did I Go Overboard?

Image source: xQcKx

Karma Black: Well, we got the first two months taken care of.

#27 At 30-Weeks-Pregnant, I Told My Husband I’d Like To Have Some Pie. It’s A Win

Image source: cosmom

#28 I’m A Pre-K Teacher And Asked My Students For Name Suggestions. They Did Not Disappoint

Image source: gokickrocks-

Undercover: (edited) Better then the choices a lot of parents decide for 🙈😁 

#29 I Guess Pregnant Woman Can’t Drive Broncos

Image source: loosetingles

MinPregnant women are only allowed to drive minivans. I guess she didn’t get the memo.

#30 Pregnancy Is Going Great, Why Do You Ask?

Image source: ussy-dictionary

Kat: Yeah … knew every time I was pregnant because of teeth brushing even before the test went positive … still gives me shivers sometimes

#31 My Wife Is Pregnant. I Guess She Thinks I Won’t Know What To Do When The Baby Is Born, So She Got This To Help Me Out

Image source: IamPezu

#32 Today Is A Significant Day For My Wife’s Pregnancy

Image source: joehillen

#33 My Pregnant Wife Claims To Have Found The Perfect Onesie For Our Soon-To-Be-Born Son

Image source: Forgotpassword0879

#34 Warning For All My Pregnant Mamas Out There: This Can Happen From Vomiting

Image source: Nieouz

#35 I Think I Jinxed Myself Complaining About This Pregnancy Being Hard. Today I Broke My Right Foot And Left Ankle. Everything Just Got 1000% Harder

Image source: ineedfuzzysocks

#36 The Dude I Work With Found Out That His Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Image source: elviejomao

Booker (edited): Poor guy, it looks like he needs time to gather his thoughts. When my wife told me she was pregnant with our first child, I sat down on the stairs stunned for a few seconds, realized that probably wasn’t the best response, then got up and hugged her. It didn’t quite come off as the spontaneous joy I had hoped for.

#37 In Need Of A Laugh Today

Image source: britthunt_

Nadine Debard: I have a wonderful picture of me and my father comparing our bellies :)

#38 Pregnancy Massage Table. Amazing Invention, But Can’t Stop Laughing

Image source: kerrbear535

#39 When I Thought I Looked Pregnant vs. Now

Image source: strawberryjamm

#40 Pregnancy Snack

Image source: morgoster

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