Cherry Blossoms In This Japanese Town Are Now In Full Bloom, And It Looks Out Of This World

Published 7 years ago

Spring is here! Well, that is true if you’re in the Eastern Japanese town of Kawazu, which celebrates Spring a bit earlier with its 8000-strong array of cherry blossom trees.

Typically the sakura (Japanese name for Cherry blossoms) blooms in late March or early April, but Kawazu is a place where special kind of cherry blossoms grow. And these put on a show for millions who want to start their Spring early.

Visitors of Kawazu also get to go on a small locomotive train which takes them on a journey through fragrant aromas and a thousand shades of pink. At night, the trees are illuminated by floodlights, and their reflections paint the waters of the Izu peninsula.

More info: kawazu tourism (h/t)

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Spring has arrived early in the Eastern Japanese town of Kawazu, just outside of Tokyo

Image source: Kyodo News

The blossoms, known as sakura in Japanese, typically bloom in late March or early April

Image source: tsumizo

Kawazu’s trees belong to a unique variety that flowers before others, typically in February

Image source: mika

Millions of tourists flock here every year to take in the lush, romantic landscapes

Image source: Sankei Photo

Kawazu is located on the Izu peninsula, just 2 hours by train from Tokyo station

Image source: Saya

A small locomotive train takes passengers on a journey through fragrant aromas and gradient shades of pink

Image source: mika

Japanese white-eye birds can be seen sipping the sweet nectar of the cherry trees all around

Image source: toshizou02

Cherry blossoms are highly symbolic and culturally significant in Japan

Image source: yulies12

They represent the temporary beauty of life, the acceptance of karma, and the eventuality of death

Image source: phos1comnet

At night, the trees are illuminated, and their reflections dance along the waters of the Izu peninsula

Image source: irodori

Kochi, a south coast city, is also expected to see an early bloom this year

Image source: mainichi

Here are some more awesome shots of Japan during the Spring.


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