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10+ Funny Situations That Husbands Of Pregnant Wives Have To Face Each Day

Published 3 years ago

#11 The Grocery List My Pregnant Wife Sent Me To The Store With

Image source: gtrpup2

#12 Note To Self

Image source: TheLensLife

#13 Pregnant Wife Problems…

Image source: Diltron

#14 Pregnant Women Can Be Vicious. This Is My Wife Trolling Me At Breakfast

Image source:

#15 Pregnant Wife

Image source: WillKersey

#16 Someone’s Enjoying The Game Today!

Image source: darylamundrud

#17 The Struggle

Image source: sgtosiris22

#18 Snap From My Pregnant Wife While I’m In The Kitchen…

Image source: Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

#19 Pregnancy Disappointments

Image source: FrothyDad

#20 “Let’s Watch Football And Eat Nachos Together All Day!”……not

Image source: drumsnstrums


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