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10+ Hilarious Product Tags And Instructions

Published 3 years ago

#11 Instructions For My New Undies, Just In Case…

Image source: reddit

#12 These Chopstick Instructions

Image source: jetdude19

#13 Bought This Shirt Today And Looked At The Tag…

Image source: perpetualpez

#14 Really Helpful Instructions On This Shirt

Image source: fpantsrock

#15 Accurate Soup Instructions

Image source: Statussilver

#16 Directions On My New Shampoo Bottle

Image source: heresjoanie

#17 These Are The Instructions On My Body Wash

Image source: Rasortis

#18 What Are The Most Confusing Product Instructions You’ve Ever Seen?

Image source: ForeverAReposter

#19 Do Not Feed After Midnight

Image source: unknown.

#20 The Instructions For This Furniture Tell Me To Grab A Beer

Image source: culb77


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