30 Times People Were Confused By Questionable Signs And Just Had To Share Them In This Online Group

Published 3 years ago

There’s hardly a better way of conveying information than by using a sign. After all, it can be as simple as printing whatever it is that you want to say on a large piece of cardboard and hanging it up for everyone to see. However, not everyone’s sign game is as on point as we’d like it to be – and only the worst culprits end up in the Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Signage Facebook group.

As the name suggests, this group is dedicated to the funniest and most ridiculous signs that people managed to come across, and it’s almost fascinating to see how badly these sign makers managed to mess up. Check out some of the most questionable signs shared in this Facebook group in the gallery below, and if you want to see some good ones, make sure to read our earlier article here!

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#1 I Honked

Image source: Andrew Shanks

#2 I Didn’t See A Cat Going Out But I Did Observe A Walrus Sashay Towards The Door

Image source: Kori A Butler

#3 Make Good Choices

Image source: Kate Anderson

#4 On The Community Noticeboard At My Local Shops

Image source: Sarah Strahan

#5 This Is The Kind Of Secret Doctors Don’t Want You To Know

Image source: Samuel Maffit

#6 Yeahhhhh Right

Image source: Stephanie Croshaw

#7 Found Some Paperless Towels At Walmart Today. What Will They Think Of Next?

Image source: Hansen Murphy

#8 I’ve Been Called Many Things In Life. But This Is A First

Image source: Cailey Bisgould

#9 When You’ve Had Enough Of Your Man

Image source: Kelly Sedlak

#10 Someone Had Enough

Image source: Samantha Tame

#11 Um… I Guess?

Image source: Caleb Hilston

#12 An Employee Caught Me Taking This Pic And Said “Ah Yes, Another One Of Our Many Exciting Deals!”

Image source: Lauren Carrigan

#13 I’ve Never Seen A Bumper Sticker I Wanted More

Image source: Melissa Anne

#14 I Have A Bad Feeling About This Rest Stop Bathroom

Image source: Anna Hicks

#15 Well That Escalated Quickly

Image source: Chyleigh Harmon

#16 Lmao You Go Girl

Image source: Ashley Rosado

#17 I Don’t Even Know

Image source: David Bjorklund

#18 This Was A Couple Years Ago…and I Know What They Meant But… Still

Image source: Dave Brideau

#19 The Mechanic Left This In My Girlfriend’s Car After Being Serviced… The Car Is Still Dirty

Image source: Michael Dylan Faas

#20 Pfantastic Signage

Image source: Aaron Schiff

#21 Do Not Teach Fish Man He Will Destroy Us All

Image source: Hunter Kinder

#22 Just Press Three 333 Times

Image source: Nigel Champion

#23 Whatever Gets Them In Therapy I Guess?

Image source: Robin Caligiure

#24 Please Don’t Follow Anybody Home

Image source: Shravan Sunil

#25 Oh No

Image source: Vivian Minus

#26 No Thanks

Image source: Kerri Saterfield

#27 Is This The New Saying Now?? Mandela Effect?

Image source: Taylor Mcclelland

#28 “We Gave It A Second Thought And Decided That You Guys Suck”

Image source: Rachel Mower

#29 This Was In Front Of My Town Hall For A Couple Weeks Before Anyone Realized And It’s My Favorite Thing To Ever Happen Here

Image source: Ariel Sullivan

#30 Spotted At A Local Dollar Tree A Few Years Ago

Image source: Kerri Kay

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