22 Stupid Things Candidates Put In Their Resumes That Got Them Rejected

Published 10 months ago

Writing an impressive resume that summarises your skills and achievements can cause anyone to feel immensely pressured. It’s difficult to sell yourself without coming off as boasting while giving a stranger the chance to understand you through a couple of pages of facts about yourself. No wonder many are prone to embellishments that might make their resume stand out from the rest.

While most lean towards adding a language skill they don’t possess or sell themselves as an expert in obscure software, some others go even more overboard with their attempts. Scroll below for a hilarious collection of unbelievable resumes received by recruiters that are at worst face-palm worthy and at best a hilarious piece of entertainment. 

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#1 There Was An Attempt To Write A Resume

Image source: JoeBaggoDonuts

#2 Maybe The Worst Resume I Have Received

Image source: FilecakeAbroad

#3 Wife’s Employer Received This Resume For A Position. He Got An Interview Because The Manager Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Image source: CompasslessPigeon

#4 Someone Sent Me A Picture Of This Resume. Hire This Man Now

Image source: s0n-

#5 Received An Application Today. Here Is The “Resume” That Was With It

Image source: Blakedigital

#6 Attached This Instead Of A Resume

Image source: Dani_Daniela

#7 Why Am I Getting Such An Influx Of People That Act Like This Is Not A Professional Job? Yes, You Need A Resume, And Sorry We Don’t “Hold Dogs Down”

Image source: houndhandler3

#8 Read This On An Applicant’s Resume

Image source: mmutk

#9 Someone Sent Their Resume And…

Image source: HelloMyFriendloll

#10 A Resume My Wife Received This Week

Image source: Firmteacher

“Faith, m
Resume- was working at a trucking company, just got fired for insubordination: not true. looking for upright employer.”


#11 My Dad Asked For Help Sending His Resume Online And Handed Me This

Image source: Felch97

#12 A CV Emailed To The Recruitment Agency I Work For. This Is The Entire Resume And The Blue Is Where His Name Was

Image source: Nightwingvyse

#13 This Resume Was Almost Perfect Until

Image source: marabou22

#14 Someone Sent A Resume With Their Duolingo Streak Under “Languages”

Image source: SamuraiCorb1517

#15 I Dunno If This Guy Was Trolling, But We Received This Resume A While Ago

Image source: supermarketgangbang

#16 A CV That Was Handed To Me In Work Recently That I Had To Get A Picture Of Before I Passed It On To The Manager

Image source: Tex_

#17 Resume That Was Dropped Today And Impressed My Manager So He Decided To Call Him For An Interview

Image source: je-suis-pauvre

#18  I’ll Do Anything For Work, But I Won’t Do That

Image source: yuri__bot

#19 Receiving Resumes During A Pandemic

Image source: with-an-i

#20 Some Guy Dropped This Resume Off At My Family’s Restaurant Today

Image source: DrSpy

#21 Someone Dropped Off Their Resume Where I Work, I Feel Like I Should Call Them And Let Them Know

Image source: dropper54

#22 One Of My Recruiters Just Received This Resume This Morning

Image source: joeswo214

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