30 Ridiculous Struggles Almost Everyone Looking For A Job Has To Face

Published 3 years ago

Everyone who has ever had the “pleasure” of looking for a job know how frustrating the whole process can be – and the employers aren’t making it any easier. Sometimes you rush to three different interviews in different parts of the town on the same day, spending hours in traffic only to get a “We’re sorry…” letter a week later. Or even worse – you simply get ghosted. Tired of companies treating potential employees like garbage, someone started the r/RecruitingHell subreddit where people can air their frustrations, and the posts there are painfully relatable.

From requiring years of experience for entry level positions to making you feel bad about asking about the salary, check out some of the most ridiculous struggles that people looking for a job have to face in the gallery below!

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#1 Anyone Relate To This?

Image source: jsstansel

#2 So After A Full Day Of Applications I Did This…

Image source: Ishtar__

#3 I Will Drink To That

Image source: MrChonkers

#4 A Little Too Accurate

Image source: reddit.com

#5 This Happens All The Time

Image source: 6nomads

#6 Opinion

Image source: infamouszgbgd

#7 This Guy Gets It

Image source: the_dod_of

#8 Hiring Managers And Recruiters

Image source: ShubhraDalakoti

#9 I’m Done

Image source: danielmarven

#10 Saw It Online

Image source: tiangolo

#11 Gold

Image source: divided_by_nought

#12 Rejected From An Internship For Not Having Enough Experience

Image source: RareSorbet

#13 We Need To Make Discussing Salary Normal

Image source: Inhumansoflate1

#14 Uno Card

Image source: Ebadd

#15 Unfortunately…

Image source: rmichaeljones

# 16 Nothing They Can Do

Image source: TheAndrewNadeau

#17 This Is What It’s Come To

Image source: MuyiwaSaka

#18 This Guy Gets It

Image source: Caliblair

#19 Company: My Next Hire Needs To Be Enthusiastic About The Role So This Doesn’t Happen Again

Image source: neurorex

#20 Job Ads Nowadays. Sorry If Repost I Didn’t Find It In Search

Image source: Bosquito86

#21 You Are Not Google. Don’t Recruit Like Google. Sincerely, Someone Who Wishes They Worked At Google

Image source: ddh85

#22 I Cracked This Morning And Submitted This Application – I Am Sick Of These Ridiculous Questions

Image source: tomsmith856

#23 2 Iq Test?! Really?

Image source: jakebrodes

#24 Saw This On Linkedin And Had A Good Laugh!

Image source: hshamshu

#25 A Delightful Find On Linkedin

Image source: chubslove23

#26 So I’m Not The Only One Constantly Getting Ghosted?

Image source: generic_

#27 Gotta Start Early

Image source: detox02

#28 We Don’t Count Internships As Experience Here, So Let’s Just Forget All Of That

Image source: RareMeasurement2

#29 Something Tells Me I’m Not Going To Be Getting A Call Back

Image source: Putin_inyoFace

#30 Because, Obviously, You Shouldn’t Have A Life Outside Work. Thought This Would Fit Here

Image source: a_bizz

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