20 Unrealistic Requirements Candidates Were Asked To Fulfill To Get A Job

Published 2 years ago

Job hunting has become very tough these days. Not only there is a lot of competition, but also there are some crazy recruiters out there who expect 5 years of experience for an entry-level job.

Looking for a job is quite stressful in itself and some of these unrealistic expectations make one lose hope and self-confidence. A subreddit named r/recruitinghell is a place where people vent out about their struggles during the recruiting process. We’ve collected some weird stories of people who experienced unrealistic expectations from recruiters. Scroll below to read them.

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#1 A Story Of Two Parts, Recruiter Edition

Image source: _tommymason

#2 Funny How The Language Changes Between People And Businesses

Image source: DanPriceSeattle

#3 I Ran Into One Today

Image source: lottery_winner77777

#4 As An Autistic Person, I Despise Everything About This!

Image source: TenNinetythree

#5 Recruiter Asked Me To Send In A Report Of My Total Earnings In 2020/2021 As Part Of The Negotiation Process

Image source: SergeantTeddyWolf

#6 Why Even Ask?

Image source: 54R45VV471

#7 Hitting Close To Home, Is It?

Image source: Multiplexing

#8 “Workforce Development And Salary Consultant” Screwing Her Clients

Image source: agileideation

#9 Interviewing For My First Recruiting Job – Why Did I Start This Life??

Image source: ryin_matiaz

#10 Was I Being Impolite?had This Exchange On Linkedin

Image source: Appropriate_Fudge617

#11 That’s It

Image source: RDPCG

#12 This Should Be Mandatory Training For All Interviewers

Image source: infamouszgbgd

#13 Can I Get A Second To The Motion?

Image source: gatadeplaya

#14 4+ Years Of Experience In A 2 Year Old Technology

Image source: tiangolo

#15 Hey Recruiters, Answer Me This!

Image source: bookluvr83

#16 Got An Email From A Recruiter Today. I Was Interested Until They Disclosed The Pay. It’s Seriously Insultingly Low For The Role And Requirements. So I Told Them Just That Over Email

Image source: missmolly314

#17 We Don’t Count Internships As Experience Here, So Let’s Just Forget All Of That

Image source: virtadpt

#18 That Backfired Spectacularly

Image source: Revealed_Jailor

#19 For The Memes, Because We’ve All Been There

Image source: kinggianniferrari

#20 People Are Human And Human Things Happen

Image source: RDPCG

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