20 Times Amazon Customer Reviews Amused The Internet

Published 2 years ago

Online shopping seems like a gamble sometimes- you never know what you’ll receive until it actually comes to your hand. However, reading the reviews sometimes helps in choosing the right product.

The subreddit ‘Amazon Reviews‘ shares those customer reviews that are not just helpful for other customers but also quite hilarious. Scroll below to read some of the funniest ones that we’ve collected for you.

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#1 Reality Check

Image source: uhkami

#2 She’s Special

Image source: luna_astral_mars

#3 Angel Titties

Image source: PinkJillyBean01

#4 I Appreciate Honest Reviews

Image source: PleasantAmphibian101

#5 The Deep Exhausted Sigh At Baby #175

Image source: acog

#6 A Man And His Bidet

Image source: OboTheHobo

#7 Reviewer Changes His Mind About A Bezos Biography

Image source: carrorphcarp

#8 But Did It Work?

Image source: Wows_Nightly_News

#9 A Review For Caliwhite Teeth Whitening Gel That Got Political Very Quickly.

Image source: iktek

#10 I Should Try It

Image source: Kachiggamybigga2

#11 I Love Writing On A Subatomic Level!

Image source: cragbabe

#12 Fishnets Are A Bad Influence

Image source: happyllamaneedscomma

#13 Ps5 Not Waterproof

Image source: CC4091

#14 Wasn’t Expecting To Laugh So Hard At A Review About A Plastic Strip That Helps You Remove Hair From Your Drain

Image source: musicalharmonica

#15 Well At Least He Now Has A Dog

Image source: Linkkk_

#16 Bread Slippers

Image source: -betteroffthisway-

#17 This Review For A Book About Demons

Image source: sashby138

#18 Ashtray Review Took A Hard Left Turn

Image source: __No__Control

#19 Time Stops For No Man

Image source: carczar4

#20 Looking To “Flatter Her Splatter Cannon”

Image source: sammybr00ke

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