We Face Swapped 20+ Tattoos To Show How Bad They Really Are, And Angelina Jolie Is Not As Sexy As We Remember

Published 6 years ago

Getting a tattoo is a very serious decision and you definitely should think twice before getting something inked on your body. We’ve recently featured a list of incredibly bad tattoos that you probably shouldn’t get – this time we tried to look at those bad tattoos at a different angle, by swapping the faces onto the people or animals that they are supposed to resemble. From Demon Jesus to nipple-eyed Thom Yorke – this list has it all.

Check out the hilariously bad tattoos and their face swaps in the gallery below!

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#1 Predator In The Water

#2 Elvis Pursley

#3 Oh Holy Jesus

Image source: thefunnyatheist

#4 Two Brothers

#5 Oh No

#6 Avril Livagne

#7 Roar

#8 Angelina Jelly

#9 What Even Is This Creature? A Were-Bat-Wolf-Bear?

#10 A Girl I Went To High School With Has This On Her Upper Thigh

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