20 Of The Cringiest Book Covers Shared To This Online Group

Published 3 years ago

You probably heard the saying “Never judge a book by its cover” once or twice before. And while it applies to most situations in life, it rarely applies to actual books – and if you’re not convinced, then the hilariously bad book cover shared to the r/TerribleBookCovers subreddit might change your mind.

The subreddit in question has over 20k members, and is never short of hilarious new content. From coronavirus-themed erotic novels to Pokémon x Harry Potter fan fiction, check out a collection of books that deserve to be judged by their covers in the gallery below!

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#1 Everything About This Is Terrible

Image source: henrikst1

#2 The Hobbit

Image source: Chtorrr

#3 My Mom Used To Read This One To Me

Image source: KillinCat

#4 It’s Worth A Look!

Image source: reginaldVince

#5 Found This In A Doctors Office A Few Years Ago. I Think About This Way Too Much

Image source: UndeniablyCake

#6 Do Your Kids Suffer From Nightmares? No, Not Yet? Well This Should Help A Lot

Image source: CrazyBooyy

#7 Wtf?

Image source: point5_

#8 Prehistoric Passion From Mars

Image source: telperion87

#9 How Ironic

Image source: Redwards426

#10 Kissing The Coronavirus (Coronavirus Erotica?!)

Image source: bookdepository1

#11 Woof? I Feel So Empty

Image source: LovelyWetBrat

#12 Not Sure If This Has Been Posted Before, But…

Image source: 18021982

#13 The Very Hungry Cthulupillar

Image source: LuciferJonez

#14 My Librarian Wife Always Has Interesting Finds

Image source: johnc98

#15 I’m Just Waiting For The Film Adaptation

Image source: tabitha21

#16 Even The Price Is Questionable

Image source: juliamich04

#17 Call Him Xi Dada

Image source: MVpizzaprincess

#18 When Your Mom Tells You To Get A Real Job, But You Double Down Trying To Prove You Can Start That Cult You Always Said You Would…

Image source: savage0ne1

#19 Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover, Even If It Is A Collage Of Jpegs

Image source: SpahsgonnaSpah

#20 Browsing Through Books At A Thrift Store, Um…

Image source: sophiaross

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