30 Times People Stumbled Upon The Weirdest Things In Thrift Stores

Published 4 years ago

Anyone who has ever visited a thrift store will tell you that sometimes they’re full of the weirdest things. And when I say weird, I mean really weird. Some of these bizarre findings even inspired someone to start an Instagram account called Thrift Store Art where people can submit all the weird stuff they found.

The account was founded by a man named Bryan Dickerson, a freelance content creator from San Francisco, after he got tired of being editor-in-chief of a news website. In an interview with Bored Panda, the man said he wanted a space where he could “post fan art of Tom Selleck and say that it’s Pat Sajak”. Bryan says that the idea of Thrift Store Art isn’t to bash art but rather to expand what is considered art and celebrate “truly WTF projects like finding a clock with each minute marked with photos of Leonardo DiCaprio.”

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“It is something I would never make. But someone out there thought it was the best idea in the world and spent the time to see it through,” said Bryan. According to him, that’s a way to walk in someone else’s shoes and “experience what they feel is important in a benign and non-politically-charged way”.


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“Before punk rock moved to the shopping malls, all we had were thrift stores to find and create a look, decorate the apartment, or construct some kind of aesthetic,” revealed Bryan. “Table cloths became fashion ponchos, Ronco food dehydrators became wall art, and crocheted doggie pants became beer koozies”.


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Bryan revealed that he receives around 50 user submissions every day so all of the Instagram account’s feed is created by the community. However, the Instagram algorithms doesn’t always seem to love the account’s content. “Inexplicably, a salt-and-pepper shaker of a boy and his dog got nixed, while an oil-on-canvas of a well-hung Jesus made it through,” joked Bryan. To him, it’s still the “most awkward virtual thrift store find”.


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