Someone Matched With ‘Bill The Handyman’ On Tinder And Shared The Hilarious Conversation They Had

Published 5 years ago

When swiping through Tinder, you come across all sorts of people. Most of them only capture our attention for a few seconds until we decide which side to swipe to, but on rare occasions, you encounter someone so odd, you can’t help but wonder if they’re for real or not. As was the case with one man on Tinder who recently caught the eyes of some women for his bold posing and seductive mustache.

The charming gentleman in question was a 69-year-old named Bill, or Bill the Handyman. As much as we’d like Bill to be real, his profile was actually set up by a guy named Danny Spears, a contributor to the GoofyDads blog. He used a FaceApp filter to age himself and troll some people on Tinder. “We just wanted to provide some Dad antics for people to laugh at,” said Danny in an interview with Bored Panda. “Since I am completely inexperienced with Tinder, I figured it would be fun to troll some of the people on there.”

“If it made one person laugh and that changed the course of their day, my purpose of doing it was met,” said Danny.

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This 69-year-old handyman named Bill received a lot of attention from the ladies on Tinder

Image credits: GoofyDads

Image credits: GoofyDads

Image credits: GoofyDads

Image credits: GoofyDads

Some women messaged the handyman and shared their hilarious exchanges

Bill’s account received so much attention, Danny had to delete it. “It was a blend of people who thought I was real and people who just wanted to say thanks for the laugh,” said Spears. “Someone actually messaged me her macaroni and cheese recipe. If I wasn’t married, I would have taken her up on the offer because she’s all about that glorious baked goodness.”

People found the exchanges between Bill and his Tinder matches absolutely hilarious

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