30 ‘Antisocial Tweets’ That Introverts Might Relate To

Published 10 months ago

In a world that thrives on constant social interaction, the rise of antisocial media has given introverts and those who simply prefer solitude a platform to express themselves.

Whether you’re a dedicated introvert, a hermit at heart, or just someone who occasionally craves some online escapism, these antisocial tweets are perfect for you. Let’s dive into the world of digital introversion and explore the humorous and relatable tweets from the the FOGO Instagram page that cater to those who don’t quite enjoy the art of socializing.

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#1 This Honestly Sounds *lovely*

Image source: jackisnotabird

#2 … Every Visitor?? You Mean, Visitors To My House? That’s Just My Cat, Hon. And He Already Knows ❤️

Image source: stupidtrashboy

#3 Looking For Investors For This. It’s Urgent

Image source: AkilahObviously

#4 Ya Had Me At “Disgusting Pile Of Goo” ??

Image source: fearofgoingout

#5 And Unfortunately The Stress Of Receiving A Social Invite Has Increased That To A Five Day Recovery Period With A Clause That Allows For An Extension For Any Reason, Let’s Touch Base In June?

Image source: fearofgoingout

#6 You Know Those People Who Can Stand In The Same Spot In An Art Museum For Hours Staring At A Single Painting? I Get It Now

Image source: fearofgoingout

#7 Feeling Aggressively Seen Tbh

Image source: fearofgoingout

#8 *meows*

Image source: jzux

#9 Well At Least The Photo Sounds Adorable. That’s The Important Part

Image source: fearofgoingout

#10 I Now Communicate Exclusively Through Tagging People In Memes And I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way . *jazz Hands*

Image source: jzux

#11 I Feel Like This Is Exactly How Kindergartners Find Their New Best Friends Yet We Feel Shame As Adults? I Say Embrace Your Inner 5 Year Old And Become Besties With Your New Banana Buddy, Ingrid. Sounds Like You Two Have A Lot In Common ❤️

Image source: ingridoliver100

#12 All Makes A Bit More Sense Now, Eh?

Image source: kariassad

#13 I Pay Roughly $83 Per Day For The Right To Live In My Home… “Going Big” Simply Means I’d M Be Wasting Money

Image source: roastmalone

#14 Normalize Skipping Right On Over The Small Talk And Landing On The Farewell Portion Of The Interaction

Image source: fearofgoingout

#15 Moss Babe Goals

Image source: fearofgoingout

#16 If It Is On My Mind, It Counts As Mindfulness… Right?

Image source: fearofgoingout

#17 Pretty Sure I’m About To Be The Winner Of The Argument I’m Having In My Head With My High School Math Teacher Who, Circa 2003, Was The Worst

Image source: fearofgoingout

#18 Camera Cuts To Me Parking, Getting My Reusable Shopping Bag Out Of The Car, Walking All The Way To The Entrance Of Trader Joe’s, Grabbing A Basket, Stepping One Foot Inside The Door And Seeing All The People, Out Loud Saying “Absofuckinlutely Not”, Putting The Basket Back And Leaving

Image source: fearofgoingout

#19 “Whoopsie Daisy”- Me Looking Around At All The Burnt Bridges

Image source: 50FirstTates

#20 Me, On The Verge Of A Full Blown Meltdown: “Doing Great Thanks! You?”

Image source: fearofgoingout

#21 Plz Be Here For Me But Not Like Here Here. Over There Here

Image source: fearofgoingout

#22 Apparently I’ve Been 40 Since I Was 25?

Image source: thearibradford

#23 One Time In Middle School I Called My Friend Eleni And Her Dad Answered The Phone And I Said “Hi Is Eleni There?” And Her Dad Shouted “Eleni! Your Friend With Horrible Phone Etiquette Called!” And When I Tell You That I Still Get Stress Dreams About This Interaction… ? ?

Image source: emmabo

#24 Doorbell: *rings* Me: *dives Behind Couch*

Image source: fearofgoingout

#25 Who Am I Gonna Call? My Mom, Like Six Times A Day, And Literally No One Else

Image source: fearofgoingout

#26 Stouffer’s B4 Broffers, Amirite?

Image source: miriamgershow

#27 Ah Yes, House Cleaners Who Work For $30 And Want No Tips, And 25 Year Olds Who Make $615 In Monthly Donations. I Love Science Fiction ❤️

Image source: ConsultingHumor

#28 Are You Mad At Me: A Memoir By Me

Image source: _SarahGailey

#29 Teehee My Bad Wasn’t Listening

Image source: bingowings14

#30 Thinking About Soon Making The Switch To Meetless Every Days Myself, Wish Me Luck ?

Image source: thisone0verhere

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